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“Judge’s Waltz is saturated with the authenticity that can only emanate from four decades of total immersion in countless criminal cases in numerous courtrooms.” —Amazon reviewer

“This one has it all — excellent writing, engaging characters and a top-notch plot. Burnette gets all the details right, and her smart, wry takes on the justice system truly set this remarkable novel apart.” —Amazon reviewer


Federal Judge Patrick O’Shea is found swinging from his courtroom chandelier clad only in his robe.  Everyone wanted him dead. FBI task force officer Katie O’Connor and her team work with the FBI and others to untangle the ever-growing lists of suspects including his estranged wife and judicial colleague. Small town attorney and former federal law clerk, Buck Davis, helps the court by identifying vengeful litigants and overseeing the law clerks during the turbulent time. Davis juggles his small town law practice with his budding romance with Katie, and rebuilding his relationship with his opioid addicted brother.

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