“We need more books like this! … Recommend for anyone who has little ones that may benefit from seeing a counselor.” —Elyse Sayers, Goodreads reviewer

“This book can help assure kids that facing their fears, and talking to a stranger about them, can help make those fears less scary.” —BookTrib


Rex has been struggling with understanding why and how he feels. Angry one minute, sad the next, he just wants to be a kid. What’s so hard about that? But, we can’t always control how we feel. Especially not as kids. When Rex’s emotions begin to affect his relationships and schoolwork, the adults in his life step in. They determine Rex needs to see a counselor. Rex finds the idea of talking to a counselor terrifying, but soon he will learn that a counselor can help you cope with emotions in a safe and healthy way, something we all can learn from.

Written by an expert in working with behavioral and emotionally disturbed children, adults, families and offenders within the criminal justice system, Rex’s Journey: Helping Children Understand and Cope with Emotions is useful on several levels and for all children:

  • Combats mental health stigmas that children are exposed to even at such a young age
  • Develops positive associations with mental health care
  • Reduces fears surrounding counseling for kids who need it
  • Educates kids who have friends and relatives undergoing counseling and helps them build empathy
  • Gives kids coping tools for understanding and handling their emotions

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