“We certainly need more people like Sarah and Ruby in our world today. Fletcher knows how to describe places with just a few words in a way that you feel that you are there.” —J Rogers, Amazon reviewer

“Poignant and affecting, at times heartwarming and at times heartwrenching. The racial divide threatens to swallow every good thing, but thankfully, love might be able to bridge the gap against all odds.” —Judy Moreno, BookTrib

“A very relevant story for our times … goosebumps and tears in my eyes!” —Debbie Melton, Amazon reviewer


Elementary school teacher Sarah Palmer had a secret, one that even she found hard to face. Only after her teacher friends witnessed one of her debilitating panic attacks did she ever consider confronting it. Shelter from the Storm is her journey toward salvation and renewal. It is a sensitive story about how two young girls — one black, one white — try to overcome the status quo in a time when Jim Crow laws prevailed. It is also a story that considers how two people can live through the same event and experience very different outcomes — that some become stronger while others are swept away like cottages in a hurricane.

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