Hello, book lovers! “Help!” We may see a minor case of Beatlemania in the coming months as Paul McCartney shares the lyrics to an unrecorded song. However, if you’re one of the few folks out there immune to this English rock band’s charms, we’ve got plenty of other star-studded, literary news to entrance you. Anyway, without further ado, enjoy this mix of stories from the book world.

Forthcoming Beatles Book Will Reveal Previously Unseen Lyrics: Paul McCartney will include the unrecorded song “Tell Me Who He Is” in The Lyrics, which publishes this November. — The Guardian

Celebrity Book Recs: Enjoy these 11 summer reads that captivated Barack Obama. — BookTrib

Dune Screenwriters Explain Their Approach to This “Unadaptable” Sci-Fi Classic: Director Denis Villeneuve knew he had a behemoth of a project on his hands; here’s how he tackled it. — LA Times

A Post-Pandemic Murder Dredges Up Past Sins in Louise Penny’s The Madness of Crowds: Penny shakes up her thrilling Three Pines series with Gamache’s latest investigation. BookTrib

GIVEAWAY! This empowering eco-fantasy sees four girls on an epic quest to save a planet in peril. — BookTrib

7 Fiction Podcasts That Perfectly Pair With Any Summer Plans: Be they rom-coms, gripping sci-fi or ripping British sitcoms, these scripted shows are sure to keep you entertained. — The New York Times

Valerie Taylor Doubles the Drama With New Love Interests in What’s Not True: This much-anticipated sequel delights readers with a rendezvous in Paris and an ex-husband’s deceitful fiancée. — BookTrib

10 Cultish Reads for Fans of Hulu’s Hit New Series Nine Perfect Strangers: Purely fictional or entirely real, cults are fascinating. Enjoy the journalistic efforts of favorite authors like Haruki Murakami along with page-turners from novelist Liane Moriarty. — Town & Country

8 Fiction Books Revealing the Risk of Fame: Celebrity life may be glamorous, but it also comes with little privacy. These books showcase the dangers of life in the spotlight. — BookTrib

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