Angela K. Durden/Durden Kell

Fiction, Memoir, Business, Children’s, Humor, Commentary

Atlanta-based author and songwriter

Angela K. Durden won national attention in 2000 for her first published book, Nine Stupid Things People Do To Mess Up Their Resumes. On her first in-studio radio interview, she advised syndicated host G. Gordon Liddy about how to best deal with the long gap in his resume.

Angela served four years as managing editor for an international nonprofit trade group association’s monthly newsletter. For six years, she guided the manufacturer-mandated dealer validation process for a multi-location retail new and used commercial truck dealership.

In 2006, she launched the “Mike and His Grandpa” series of children’s books with Heroes Need Practice, Too! (available in English, French, and Spanish) and The Balloon That Would Not Pop!

In between teaching creative writing workshops at schools, she was project coordinator and graphic designer and included in a four co-author book entitled Opportunity Meets Motivation, about why and how four women from different walks of life went into business for themselves. Angela is a songwriter and a favorite singer at Jazz jams around Metro Atlanta and puts on shows featuring her original material. She also runs a songwriting club with well over 5500 members.

To learn more about Angela, visit her website.

Your biggest literary influences:

John le Carré, Frederick Forsyth, Rob Reid, Malcolm Gladwell, Nelson DeMille, Joseph R. Garber, and Siddhartha Mukherjee

Last book read:

I usually have several books going at the same time. From Michael Connelly (the Bosch series) to Michael Penrose (Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Physics) to John le Carré (Smiley and all his shenanigans) to history, memoir, biographies, the Bible, poetry, and more. I have a wide interest. You should see my kitchen, living room, and office stacks of what I call “books in process.”

The book that changed your life:

It is the Holy Bible, all 66 books. However, I must give a shoutout also to The Best Loved Poems of the American People (Doubleday, 1936). The book is organized by theme. From Faith and Reverence to Animals to Love to Poems That Tell a Story and more, I was able to travel through time and countries to have a wide range of experiences that took me out of the bad circumstances of my childhood.

Your favorite literary character:

Commissaire Claude Lebel, the deputy assigned to find the man hired to assassinate Charles de Gaulle in The Day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsyth (Bantum Books/Viking Press, 1971). He was no showboat. He simply quietly went about his business of stopping a bad guy. 

Currently working on:

“The Dance Floor Wars,” a four-book novel series about the never-ending war between the sexes and the intrigue that comes from it; and the Smith and Jones Mystery has more stories in the works. 

Words to live by:

Never be afraid to ask “But, why?” nor to admit you don’t know something.

Advice for aspiring authors:

Write. Rewrite. Let it sit. Read it. Rewrite. Let others read it. Rewrite. Write-write-write-write.