Enrich Your Life and the World With the Game of Golf by Stephen A. Vigiano

“Changes how you think about life, yourself and all of humankind. … Perceives life from a different lens, reprograms your mind to be optimistic and joyful, and finds a light of inner peace.”
—Lorry S, Reiki Master

PGA master professional Stephen A. Vigiano, who also holds five degrees in advanced education in the PGA of America, has written the definitive book tying golf to life success. The qualities that we must all possess if we wish to move mankind in the right direction to save our world are integrity, empathy, compassion, and love, and they are all found also in the great game of golf. Enrich Your Life and the World with the Game of Golf: Every Day Is an Opportunity to Change the World offers no golf lessons — but the life lessons within it are invaluable not only for this generation but for the next.

“Golf is a sport that transcends a club and a ball,” says Vigiano. “It is a sport that teaches compassion for others — a key ingredient that will turn the world around … If golf is a vehicle for bringing compassion to the world, then I believe it should be part of the American fabric.”

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The Trial of Billy the Kid by David G. Thomas

2020 National Indie Excellence Winner, Historical Biography

Prior biographies have provided extensive — and fascinating — details on Billy’s life, but they supply only a few paragraphs on Billy’s trial for murder. Just the bare facts: time, place, names, result. It’s one of the most important and least-known events of Billy’s adult life. The result of the trial sealed his fate, but so many questions remain:

  • What were the governing Territorial laws?
  • What were the charges against Billy?
  • Was there a trial transcript and what happened to it?
  • What kind of defense did Billy present?
  • Did Billy testify in his own defense?
  • Did Billy have witnesses standing for him?
  • Who testified against him for the prosecution?
  • What was the jury like?
  • What action by the trial judge virtually guaranteed his conviction?
  • What legal grounds did he have to appeal his verdict?
  • Was the trial fair?

The information presented here has been unknown until now. This book makes it possible to answer these previously unanswerable questions. Supplementing the text are 132 photos, including many photos never published before.

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