Dr. Rita Ali

Biographical Nonfiction, Memoir

Multitalented business professional and now author of Triple Jeopardy: Three Strikes But Not Out.

Dr. Rita (AKA) Faridah Ali was born and reared in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She’s had a successful career in public relations as a columnist and media producer. Her unique credentials enabled Dr. Ali to develop professional relationships with, and work on projects featuring, icons in the sports industries like Muhammad Ali and Larry Holmes, as well as a plethora of entertainers. Rita has also been a successful business owner in the beauty industry where she catered to celebrities and the public alike. She has survived three unfair guilty verdicts, on virtually the same charges, that landed her in federal prison not once, but three times. Not one to be defeated, she went on to further her education then outlined a best-seller entitled Triple Jeopardy: Three Strikes But Not Out. Authorship is her tool as she faces the unfair wiles of the federal system in America. Triple Jeopardy is her debut book, a compelling must-read true story.