A chameleon with no colors? How can that be? Any child must know one of the defining features of these cute lizards is that they are multicolored, and have the incredible ability to change colors to reflect their moods.

So how does one wind up with no colors at all? That’s the storyline for The Colorless Chameleon, a delightful book for kindergartners and up written by Rachel Bostick, Hayley Irvin and Cassidy Reynolds and published by Weeva, an Austin, TX-based independent publisher.

As the jungle animals prepare for an upcoming party, along comes Chameleon, in all her glorious color and splendor. Elephant is first to ask whether he can borrow one of the colors to spruce up for the party. Before you know it, Chameleon has lost her blue, and Elephant is covered in it. This little exchange is repeated with Lemur, who takes Chameleon’s red, and Crocodile with yellow, leaving Chameleon without a single color at all.

Now the book’s teaching moment kicks in. Even though this is a simple picture book, it instills the important message that children must use their words to be heard and understood. Heaven knows that gaining the courage and clarity of purpose to confront an uncomfortable situation and speak up when needed is a difficult undertaking even for many adults. So imagine how intimidating a task this could be for young children, and of course, a little chameleon.

The writing is clever and simple, and allows children to relate to Chameleon’s dilemma. Also, the vivid illustrations by Samantha Jo Phan help children engage with the story and easily follow its theme.

Chameleon seeks advice from her good friend Flamingo, who uses her voice to boost Chameleon’s gray-colored spirit. And she offers this valuable counsel, “You’ve always stood out with all of your colors. But flamingos are only one color, and our voices are all we have. It may not always be easy, but we have to use our voices if we want our friends to understand us.”

The Colorless Chameleon is presented by Weeva Kids, an all-new line of books committed to creating art for children. With every book, young readers are invited to explore the infinite possibilities of their own imaginations and encourage their efforts to make the world a better, more vibrant place. Visit kids.weeva.com to learn more.

Chameleon approaches Elephant, Lemur and Crocodile and uses her words. While the three animals all have different reactions, they all understand and give Chameleon her colors back.

The party is magnificent and all are happy in the jungle — the Chameleon with her magnificent colors and the jungle with its wide array of exciting voices.

The Colorless Chameleon is now available for purchase here.

Rachel Bostick is an author/illustrator and the lead children’s book designer at Weeva Inc. Rachel graduated from college in 2018, she has worked on projects spanning book and editorial design and illustration, picture books, zines, and merchandising.  Rachel spends her spare time time drinking coffee, analyzing horror movies and spoiling her two cats.

Hayley Irvin is the Lead Writer and Editor at Weeva Inc. Hayley knew she wanted to be a writer the day she received her first Little Mermaid book in the mail, and she wrote her first story, about a purple turtle shortly thereafter. In the interim, Hayley has written short stories, essays, and children’s books. She is currently working on her first novel.

Art director and lead designer for Weeva, Inc. Cassidy Reynolds grew up in South Texas and currently resides in Austin. She is an avid collector of books (especially children’s books), stamps, and plants. Cassidy is also a native fauna and flora fan and is a member of the Texas Native Plant Society. You can catch Cassidy exploring the Greenbelt or taking a dip in Texas swimming holes on most weekends.