When it comes to reading, there is nothing better than a great plot twist. It’s always a thrill to be glued to the page, unable to look away in case you miss the next surprise. An unexpected turn of events can be what takes a book from good to great, and will make for an unforgettable read.

Whether it’s a secret identity or a unique story premise, the books we’re covering all have that great element of surprise. These 7 works of YA science fiction and fantasy are sure to pack a literary punch, so keep an eye out for these new releases this spring!

Rule of Wolves
By Leigh Bardugo

(Imprint Books)
Release date: March 30

It’s no surprise that Leigh Bardugo’s latest novel is being celebrated as a surefire hit. But after leaving things off on an alarming cliffhanger in the previous book, readers are excited — and terrified — to see what else the author has in store for these three characters.

As civil war wages in the kingdom of Ravka, three figures stand a chance to end the carnage; Ravka’s King Nikolai, General Zoya Nazyalensky, and a spy named Nina Zenik. Each are desperate to bring this war to an end, and their own fates hang in the balance. But as the penultimate battle draws closer, it seems that someone is still hiding a dangerous secret; one that could cost them, and their kingdom, everything.

This newest book in the “Grishaverse” (what fans call Bardugo’s sweeping fictional universe) only heightens the stakes, and makes it clear that readers had every right to worry.

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Infinity Reaper
By Adam Silvera

(Quill Tree Books)
Release date: March 2

Author Adam Silvera is well known for his works of contemporary fiction. While some of his previous books like They Both Die at the End and More Happy than Not contain science fiction elements, The Infinity Cycle is his first foray into true fantasy. In this series, Silvera gives us a glimpse at an alternate version of our own world. Brothers Emil and Brighton live in New York City, watch videos on YouTube and apply to college — in between fighting the dark magical forces that threaten to overtake their borough.

In Infinity Reaper, the second book in the series, our protagonists’ past decisions are coming back to haunt them. After a run-in with the Blood Casters — a group of magic wielders who are able to steal the magical essence out of lifeforms — Brighton is fading fast. If Emil wants to save his brother’s life, he’ll have to turn to the Spell Walkers; the same magical world that he can’t stand to be a part of.

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By Anna J. Walner
(Silver Dawn Publishing)
Release date: June 22, 2021

Where would you expect a colony of vampires to live? You might say in a Transylvanian castle, or maybe in the town of Forks, Washington. But you probably wouldn’t expect to find a secret vampire society in the Australian Outback.

That’s definitely not what Amelia, our main protagonist, is expecting either. She’s just received a vague text telling her to return to “The Colony,” and is desperate for any clues that will lead her back to her birth family. After being dropped off at a hospital 25 years ago, Amelia is determined to follow this lead — but nothing could have prepared her for the truth about her family.

The first book in The Uluru Legacy, Garkain turns the vampire and werewolf trope on its head with unexpected twists and turns. This thrilling new book is a breath of fresh air to the world of YA fantasy, and will have you hungry for the next installment.

To read our author interview with Anna J. Walner, click here.

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The Bright and the Pale
By Jessica Rubinkowski

(Quill Tree Books)
Release date: March 2

Young Adult fiction is filled with stories of magical forests and magical castles. In her book The Bright and the Pale, Jessica Rubinkosi uses a far less common setting: a place where the mountain itself is magical. In The Bright and the Pale, Knnot Mountain is a source of terror to the local population. The mountain has always been dangerous, and now a magical ice has crept down to the nearest village, freezing nearly everyone in its wake.

Nearly everyone, but not Valeria. She isn’t sure how she survived, but without her family and her home, she’s forced to take refuge in the Thieves Guild to survive. With all her loved ones dead, Valeria’s painfully alone — until she gets word that her childhood friend Alik is alive, and in grave danger. Desperate to save her friend, Valeria takes a job leading an expedition the last place she’d expected to return; the very mountain that destroyed her life.

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The Cost of Knowing
By Brittney Morris

(Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers)
Release date: April 6

In Brittney Morris’s newest novel, magical powers are far more of a burden than in other YA fiction. While magic is usually something we dream of coveting, Morris asks difficult questions about the implications of these abilities. In a world where people can see the future, would that really be such a gift? Or would it feel much more like a curse?

Sixteen-year-old Alex Rufus is all too familiar with that dilemma. Ever since his parents’ death four years ago, he’s possessed a terrifying power. Anytime he touches an object or person, he can see the future. Sometimes, it’s an unremarkable vision, just a glimpse into a normal day. Other times, it’s life-shattering.

When Alex gets a glimpse at his little brother Isaiah’s death, he knows he has to act fast. Nothing has ever stopped these visions from coming true — but for Isaiah’s sake, Alex is determined to try.

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Renegade Flight
By Andrea Tang

Release date: March 23

YA Fiction is no stranger to stories of “The Chosen One.” This trope can work sometimes, but too often we’ve seen the same story over and over until it’s been run into the ground. It’s much more refreshing to see a main character who fails and struggles in a realistic way.

In Andrea Tang’s book Renegade Flight, Viola Park is certainly struggling. She thought she’d be a shoo-in for the Peacekeepers flight corps, but after performing an illegal maneuver during her entrance exam, she’s barred from the school. Viola can’t imagine living the rest of her life on the ground, and she finally manages to get a spot at the school. Except that spot didn’t turn out to be with the exalted future peacekeepers, but as a lowly probationary student. Viola is feeling more than a little dejected — but she’s determined to climb the ranks and prove that she’s worth more than what her fellow classmates think.

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Blade of Secrets
By Tricia Levenseller

(Feiwel & Friends)
Release date: May 4

We’ve seen plenty of stories about protagonists being destined to end a war. But what happens if the protagonist was responsible for the problem in the first place?

In Tricia Levenseller’s Blade of Secrets, Ziva the blacksmith certainly didn’t mean to create a weapon of mass destruction. She was just excited to get a big commission, and worked hard to create a sword imbued with truly incredible powers. But when her patron turns out to be a vicious warlord planning to take over the known world, Ziva knows she has to take responsibility for her mistakes.

Ziva teams up with a ragtag group of adventurers in an effort to keep the sword out of wicked hands. If they can’t find a way to destroy the sword, or find someone worthy of wielding its power, it’s only a matter of time before the enemy catches up with them. And if that happens, a truly terrifying amount of blood will be on Ziva’s hands.

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