Linda L. Richards

Thriller/Crime Fiction

Experienced author writing strong female protagonists in engrossing page-turners.

Linda L. Richards is a journalist and the author of 15 books, including three series of novels featuring strong female protagonists. She is the former publisher of Self-Counsel Press and the founder and publisher of January Magazine. Her short story, “Terminal City” appeared in Vancouver Noir (Akashic Books) and was awarded the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Short Story in 2019. She divides her time between Vancouver, Phoenix, and Paso Robles, California.


Mad Money (2004, Mira Books)

The Next Ex (2005, Mira Books)

Calculated Loss (2006, Mira Books)

Death Was the Other Woman (2007, St. Martin’s Press/Minotaur)

Death Was in the Picture (2008, St. Martin’s Press/Minotaur)

Death Was in the Blood (2013, Five Star)

If It Bleeds (2014, Orca Books)

When Blood Lies (2016, Orca Books)

Endings (2021, Oceanview Press)

Your biggest literary influences:

Stephen King, Taylor Caldwell, James Michener, Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, P.D. James

Last book read:

No Going Back by Sheena Kamal

The book that changed your life: 

The Shining by Stephen King. I was maybe 16 when I read it. It was the first time a work of fiction ever scared me so badly that I had to close my eyes (An ineffective strategy while reading!) And it’s such a narrow book: not much there. Yet he had me cowering. And elated. And fearful. And … every other emotion, it seems, just with the sheer mastery of his prose. So, my takeaway, at all of 16 years old: This. This is what is possible. This is what can be done if you learn your toolbox well. If you tell stories you feel in your heart, in your bones. If you reach inside deeply enough and render what you find there with sufficient care you can touch people in ways they haven’t even imagined. That’s the dream; that’s the aspiration.

Your favorite literary character:

That’s a crowded literary house! I could answer this question on three different days and come up with six different answers. Today I will say Black Beauty because he does so well with making a triumph out of a life that is completely beyond his control. He is a survivor, and also a teacher. Spiritually, he is a true hero.

Currently working on:

A sequel to Endings. My working title is “Beginnings,” but it’s not a prequel, so that’s just silly. Expect it to have a different title. You’ll be hearing about it soon.

Words to live by:

Can I have two? Be kind. Also: The magic you are looking for is in the work you are avoiding.

Advice for aspiring authors:

Don’t worry about trends or what you imagine might sell. Write the book that is in your heart. 


Publisher’s Weekly reviews Endings


“Provocative and powerful, Endings by Linda L. Richards sweeps the reader from leafy suburbia into the strangely seductive underworld of a woman who teaches herself to kill for a living. Page after page, Richards ratches up the tension, weaving tradecraft, disguises, and psychology into a riveting tale that peels back the layers of the soul. The prose is often lyrical, the descriptions of the human heart-achingly accurate. It will surely stand with the year’s best suspense thrillers.”

— Gayle Lynds, New York Times bestselling author of The Assassins

“Linda L. Richard’s Endings grabs you by the throat on page one and doesn’t let go until the end. The writing is crisp and the story has plenty of whiplashing twists and turns. Endings is the confident return of a writer at the height of her powers.”

— Matt Coyle, award-winning author of the Rick Cahill crime series

“Brilliant. Terrifying. Compulsively readable.”

— Hallie Ephron, New York Times bestselling author of Careful What You Wish For