Having a sister is one of life’s most precious gifts. Children’s book author Marisa Howard portrays that message for very young readers with her Sissies Adventure Series, capturing the joys of travel and discovery across various landscapes and countries.

The three 7×7 board books — Sissies at the Sea, Sissies in the Mountains and Sissies Go to Mexico — are designed to create a sense of wonder in young children as they experience fun activities in new and exciting settings with the characters. The books also instill an appreciation for the love and bond that exists between two siblings at the earliest of ages. 

Written in simple rhyming verses, the books are enhanced with beautiful illustrations by Anyu Rouaux that grab the essence of the scenes and the sisters’ happy relationship.

“I wrote the first story two years ago while on vacation in Vero Beach, so this is truly a dream come true,” says Howard. “This project is very special to me and I hope you will follow along our journey.”


In Sissies at the Sea, the sisters are on vacation. Big sissy can’t wait to show little sissy all the fun things to do, from swimming and building sandcastles to hiking and dancing. 

The journey continues in Sissies in the Mountains, where they enjoy riding the gondola, hiking on trails through water and boulders, climbing rocks, picking flowers, playing make believe with magic powers, and participating in an end-of-summer duck derby race.

In the third book, the sisters head off to Mexico, where they will experience the uniqueness of a new culture — wearing sombreros, exploring the local flora and fauna, and seeing a “big old” iguana. They discover new foods like quesadillas and tortillas. And don’t forget siestas and fiestas!

The Sissies Adventure Series nurtures children’s interest in family adventure, specifically demonstrating the fun to be had while engaging in exciting activities with siblings.


The series is presented by Weeva Kids, a new line of books committed to creating art for children. With every book, young readers are invited to explore the infinite possibilities of their own imaginations and are encouraged in their efforts to make the world a better, more vibrant place. 

Says Weeva, “What if, together, we could tell every side of any story in the world? Imagine capturing one amazing, fleeting moment in time, from every perspective. Imagine learning from hundreds of years of collective experience, in one sitting. Imagine what you might discover about your culture. Your family.” 

It’s a great initiative to help kids get excited about travel and start creating lasting memories. One Amazon reviewer marveled at the “strong, memorable bond between sisters. I especially liked the thoughtful relationship between the girls and the joy they shared.”

For a great parent-child experience, pack your bags and dive into the Sissies Adventure Series.

Marisa Howard is a children’s book author who resides in Dallas with her husband and two daughters. With a penchant for poetry and years of experience with aesthetics, she seeks to create beautiful stories through the eyes of a child, based on travel and adventure. In sharing the joy of exploration with young readers, she hopes that the bonds of sisterhood shine through the short stories and illuminate how having a sister is one of life’s most precious gifts.