Join us at 4:00 p.m. EST on the BookTrib Facebook page for a fascinating conversation with Dominic Martell, author of the Pascual Rose series. After 20 years off the grid, Martell has brought Pascual back into the limelight for a new adventure — this time, in the world of cybercrime. Interviewing Martell is Adam Dunn, publisher of Dunn Books, the imprint under which the Pascual Rose series will continue, both with new installments and redesigned rereleases of the previous titles.

First introduced by Martell in the late 90s/early aughts, Pascual Rose is an ex-terrorist who sold out his former comrades-in-arms to the CIA and Mossad in exchange for a new identity and new life in Barcelona. At the time, Kirkus Reviews aptly described Pascual as “a Byronic anti-hero” — a man with a debt of sins, haunted by his past, seeking anonymity and repentance. But he rarely had the opportunity to withdraw completely from a life of international espionage and crime, as various parties in need of his knowledge and skills invariably managed to track him down and rope him into dangerous efforts in service of their own interests.

With the release of Kill Chain, Martell brings Pascual into the 21st century. This time, he’s forced to be a party to an international money-laundering scheme, and the lives of his wife and son hang in the balance. Read our full review here.

Learn why and how Pascual was resurrected, and the many challenges of working with this character, on today’s episode of BookTrib On Demand.