The days are cooler, the leaves are changing and the pumpkin spice is everywhere. If you’re a fan of fall like I am, you’re looking forward to nights by the fire — with a great book, of course!

My latest novel, an odd-couple tale of friendship (with a side of romance!) called Feels Like Falling (read the Tall Poppy review here), is all about chasing happily ever after the sequel — just as the long, sunny days of summer days fade to crisp October nights, one of the finest parts of the year, if you ask me.

As your hectic schedule begins to wane a bit, it’s time to dust off your TBR list, or maybe add some new titles to it. Whether you’re by the fire pit or curled up in bed, I hope some of these amazing reads keep you company during the long autumn evenings ahead!

Goodnight Beautiful by Aimee Molloy

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Speaking of happily ever after, newlyweds Sam Statler and Annie Porter think they have found theirs in Malloy’s latest domestic suspense. But when therapist Sam disappears into thin air, readers will learn that nothing is as it seems. Filled with twists and turns, this is the perfect book to keep you flipping pages late into a fall night.

Louisiana Lucky by Julie Pennell

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A charming, delightful story about three sisters, a big lottery win and what happens when all our dreams actually come true, Louisiana Lucky is the perfect feel-good read for right now. The Breaux sisters will capture your heart — and leave you thinking about what is really most important.

Luster by Raven Leilani

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In this unforgettable coming-of-age story, Edie, a woman in her twenties, loses her job in publishing and finds herself far more enmeshed in a couple’s open relationship than she had ever imagined. At turns immediate and languid, Leilani’s novel explores the complex ways in which we come to understand who we really are.

Becoming Mrs. Lewis by Patti Callahan

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A beautifully drawn tale of the improbable love story between C.S. Lewis and Joy Davidman, Becoming Mrs. Lewis is a deep dive into a writer’s life and a reminder that sometimes the things that seem most unlikely end up changing our lives in the most incredible ways. I can’t stop recommending this one! (Read the Tall Poppy review here.)

Girls of Brackenhill by Kate Moretti

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A vanished sister and a haunted castle add up to a thriller you absolutely cannot miss this fall. Hannah is fighting for her new life, but when evidence of what possibly happened to her sister all those years ago — their last summer at Brackenhill — emerges, she is thrust into the past and consumed with finding the truth.

All the Best People by Sonja Yoerg

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Carole Laporte has a lovely, ordinary life — and a damning, tragic past. In a story that explores the meaning of our lives and the impact of mental illness, Yoerg explores mother-daughter relationships and what it truly means to be a family. (Read the Tall Poppy review here.)

The Book of Lost Names by Kristin Harmel

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Harmel’s latest historical novel explores the life of Eva, a woman who unexpectedly becomes a forger during World War II, saving thousands of Jewish families in the process. A story of strength, determination and second chances, you’ll find yourself with tears in your eyes — and wanting to cheer.

The Simplicity of Cider by Amy Reichert

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Sanna Lund’s quiet life on her family’s apple orchard is exactly what she thinks she wants — until Isaac Banks and his son arrive calling into question everything about the life she has built. A charming, endearing love story, The Simplicity of Cider will warm your heart during these cooler days. (Read the Tall Poppy review here.)