The green of cash replaces American red, white and blue in The President’s Dossier (Oceanview Publishing). Author James A. Scott takes readers into a clandestine operation to prove allegations that the newly elected President of the United States has committed many wrongdoings and crimes, including collusion with the Russians. Eerily similar to the news cycle of the last three years, this political thriller will have readers asking what if?

Operative Max Geller has just been fired from the CIA — his derogatory emails about President Ted Walldrum leaked to the press. But soon after, a lawyer named Bowen wants to hire him. The assignment? Secure firsthand evidence to prove Walldrum’s illicit activities chronicled in The Ironside Dossier. But he must go to Russia to do it. 

Max worked as an operative in Russia and speaks fluent Russian, so he just might pull it off. And he can’t pass up the ten million dollar fee. Although Max doesn’t know who Bowen represents, he assumes it’s Americans, since Bowen makes it clear that, “Putin is trying to steal our country. President Walldrum is helping him. I want the White House cleaned out and some real patriots in there.” 

But as long as Max gets his fee, does it matter?

After Max signs the contract, his former CIA boss stuns him by offering to provide support for his mission. Why is the CIA involved? Then Bowen assigns trained assassin Jill Rucker — “crack shot, karate chop, and resident ass-kicker” — to assist Max with his operation. But Jill has secrets of her own that Max must uncover.

One of Max’s Russian informants warns him, “You Americans better get your shit together soon or you’re going to be a dictatorship. Putin doesn’t like democracies.” And as one Russian toasted with a shot of vodka, “to the best president Russia ever had … Ted Walldrum.”

As Max and Jill track down Russian defectors and double-agents to corroborate the Dossier, they discover that Britain’s MI6, Russia’s FSB, and a secret Russian group whose mission is to topple Putin’s regime are all players in the game. 

The Russians have been manufacturing what the American White House calls “alternative facts.” Meanwhile, Max finds he’s dealing with his own set of alternative facts — no one is who they appear to be, including his assassin-assistant Jill. Amid American, British, and Russian spies, can Max determine who is a friend and who is the enemy? Can Max stay alive while searching for the truth about who wants to prove Walldrum’s corruption — and what they plan to do with the evidence? And in the end, how important will the Dossier prove to be?

As a former Army officer, paratrooper and combat veteran with experience in Pentagon Army intelligence operations, Scott uses his expertise to weave a treacherously intricate tale of hide-and-seek between worldwide power players — the story moving at light speed across the globe. 

Comparing the narrative’s chilling similarities to our current political turmoil, readers will consider, what if this were true? And if so, would there be fallout in the global race for domination, or would a power broker try to suppress evidence, selling to the highest bidder? Do money and domination trump patriotism?

The possibilities are terrifying.

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James Scott is author of The President’s Dossier (2020), an international spy/political thriller and The Iran Contradictions (2005), an acclaimed historical thriller based on the Iran-contra scandal of the 1980s. For the settings of his novels, Scott draws on twenty years of living and travel in Europe and the Far East, and service in the Pentagon involving oversight of military intelligence operations. He is a Purple Heart veteran who served in combat with the 101st Airborne Division, and with the 3rd Infantry Division in Europe. Scott is a former enlisted soldier and battalion commander. He is a graduate of the Defense University’s National Security Management Course and earned a Ph.D. from Iowa State University, master’s degrees from the University of Missouri and Central Michigan University, and a bachelor’s degree from Morgan State University in Baltimore. Scott lives east of the Pecos with his female partner and loveable Jack Russell pups, Bailey and Rugby. He spends his days reading, writing, and reviewing books.