64-year-old con-artist Jimmy has just pulled off one of his most successful schemes. “Though he was a seasoned con man, he had to admit it was pure luck — and some masterful BS — that had gotten him into and accepted at the town’s best retirement home.”

As he readies himself to spend some quality time with a “hot chick” he meets his first weekend at the high-end senior living complex, a sudden change in mortality status means Jimmy isn’t getting lucky in Maura O’Leary’s When Angels Play Poker (Inspiring Voices).

Jimmy never expects to wind up in heaven working as a guardian angel. In fact, after dropping dead from a heart attack, he’s not too excited about moving beyond those pearly gates. And why would he be? Heaven doesn’t have any of Jimmy’s favorite things. He can’t drink, watch TV, use a phone, he can’t even curse without getting a lecture from his elder guide, Norm.

Wasn’t heaven supposed to be fun?

Before he discovers what the afterlife is all about, Jimmy will have to adjust to his new role as a Level 1 Angel, or spirit guide, for his brother’s girlfriend, Maura.

Maura isn’t exactly who Jimmy envisioned himself watching over, not that he ever envisioned himself as a spirit guide in the first place. He’d much rather be catching up with the family members he hasn’t seen in years or looking after his loved ones back on earth who are struggling with his unexpected loss.

Although Jimmy is hesitant at first, he takes to his new role quickly, but despite his newly found enthusiasm for the job, he becomes bored with all the waiting involved — even if that waiting happens in an incredibly comfy cloud.

Angels don’t participate in a lot of the activities Jimmy loved as a human, but, as it turns out, angels do play the occasional game of poker.

Trying to occupy himself when Maura isn’t in need of assistance, Jimmy partakes in these angelic poker tournaments. What starts out as harmless fun quickly threatens to distract Jimmy and several other angels from protecting those they love on earth.

In order to help Maura, Jimmy will have to put his selfish, human ways behind him and remember what’s important.

Old habits die hard, but “hey, you’re in heaven now Jimmy! Anything can happen.”

A lighthearted approach to life after death, When Angels Play Poker is a story of love and learning to pay attention to and accept the miracles sent your way.

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Maura O’Leary has been an intuitive all her life and believes she was divinely guided to write When Angels Play Poker. She’s just starting to work on the second book in her three part Angel series. When she’s not writing, Maura is certified as a Reiki Master, Medium and Angel Card Messenger. 

She lives in the suburbs of Boston, MA.