A picturesque small town. A sweet, straight-laced woman whom everybody loved.

A double homicide that catches even the local police by surprise.

In Rigged (Oceanview), the fourth in the Jake Longly thriller series by D.P. Lyle, Tommy “Pancake” Jeffers, one of the sleuths at Longly Investigations, arrives in the quaint town of Fairhope, AL, to examine the finances involved in the divorce of a young couple, Sean and Emily Patterson. Everything sounds copacetic — except for the fact that Emily just happens to be Pancake’s sixth-grade sweetheart whom he’s never forgotten, and before Pancake has the chance to see her again, tragedy strikes.

When Emily doesn’t show up for work, Pancake knows something is wrong. Soon enough, the police find her body, abandoned in a rural field alongside that of her new boyfriend Jason. Both were murdered execution-style with drugs found on the scene. Since neither victim was a known user, the cops are left with a host of questions and a pool of potential suspects, including Emily’s soon-to-be-ex-husband Sean, a local drug-dealing duo and Jason’s shy romantic rival Charlie.

Determined to solve the shocking murder of his childhood love, Pancake teams up with the town’s police department and quickly enlists the help of his detective boss, Ray. He also calls upon his best friend (and Ray’s son) Jake Longly, a former baseball player who is begrudgingly dragged into his father’s world of private investigation, as well as Nicole Jamison, Jake’s flirty new girlfriend who is equally skilled at charming her way through an interrogation and beating up the bad guys.

Like the best buddy cop shows, Rigged follows its team of quirky and confident private eyes as they attempt to crack the case with their tough street smarts and quick-witted banter. With nearly every possible motive on the table — from jealousy to drug wars to greed — the gang at Longly Investigations embarks on a winding chase through Fairhope, where the alluring facade of Southern small-town perfection is threatened by shady drug dealings and potentially lethal love triangles.

Rigged will appeal to fans of murder mysteries who prefer their crimes served with a side of comic relief. Though the killings are grisly, the lighthearted caper never strays too far into the darkness. Even when confronting a violent drug lord or ducking from flying gunshots, the Longly detectives keep their cool and manage to sneak in more than a few wisecracks.

Rigged is available for purchase. To learn more about D.P. Lyle, visit his BookTrib author profile page.

About D.P. Lyle:

D.P. Lyle is the #1 Amazon bestselling author of 20 books, both non-fiction and fiction. His books include Samantha Cody, Dub Walker, Jake Longly and Cain/Harper thriller series and the Royal Pains media tie-in novels. A Macavity Award and Benjamin Franklin Award winner, Lyle’s work has also garnered many award nominations including Edgar (2), Agatha, Anthony, Shamus, Scribe, Silver Falchion and USA Today Best Book (2).

He hosts the Crime Fiction Writer’s Blog and the “Criminal Mischief: The Art and Science of Crime Fiction” podcast series. He has worked with many novelists and with the writers of popular television shows such as Law & OrderCSI: MiamiDiagnosis MurderMonkJudging AmyPeacemakersCold CaseHouseMediumWomen’s Murder Club1-800-MissingThe Glades and Pretty Little Liars.