Brian Littlefair


Author of Desert Burial, a geopolitical thriller drawn from real-world experience as a foreign direct investment consultant around the globe.

Brian Littlefair has worked with foreign joint ventures, international financial institutions  and the government. He has also done penitential volunteer work in food security, development and human rights, recounted here.

Your biggest literary influences: 

The gleeful mustache-twirling malevolence of Larry Summers’ and Lant Pritchett’s “underpolluted countries memo.”

Last book read: 

The travaux préparatoires of the Convention Against Corruption.

The book that changed your life: 

A spiral-bound dossier classified TS/SCI that will be sitting misfiled in a vault somewhere for decades, regrettably, because it’s a real page-turner, poorly written though it is.

Your favorite literary character : 

Bocca degli Abati in Cocytus in Dante’s Inferno, traitor to his long-forgotten country. 


Publishers Weekly


“There is little doubt Brian Littlefair has been down in the slime he so richly describes.” — Absinthe Literary Review