Former henchman, builder, fireman, paramedic, educator, cardiovascular technologist, and small business owner.

Mr. Daniel received his firefighting credentials from the Fire Academy in Camden, AR and attended paramedic school at Springdale Memorial Hospital, in Springdale, AR, where he also served as an instructor in both advanced cardiac life support and advanced trauma life support. He gained a licensure in invasive cardiology with a specialty in cardiac intervention and electrophysiology while employed at Springdale Memorial Hospital.

Larry received a certificate of recognition from Governor Bill Clinton in 1986 for his service to the State of Arkansas, and in 1989 appeared on the CBS television show, Rescue 911. After 22 years in healthcare, the author operated an insurance agency with his wife for nearly a decade.

Larry Daniel is currently retired and living in northwest Arkansas with his wife and two dogs. He’s an avid outdoorsman who also enjoys yoga and travel.

Your biggest literary influences:

Jon Krakauer, Malcolm Gladwell, Jeanette Walls and Oliver Sacks

Last book read:

Blood, a memoir by Allison Moorer

The book that changed your life:

Clapton: The Autobiography

I found similarities in Clapton’s troubled upbringing, his emotional numbing through alcohol and chemicals, bad relationships and his face to face with God in rehab. I found it inspirational and related to his journey, but on a very personal level.

Words to live by:  

Trust your instincts.

Advice for aspiring authors:

Take time between readings and revisions. Read your work aloud.

Show, don’t tell. Don’t repeat yourself. Surround yourself with smart people. Find your voice.