Maggie O’Farrell’s husband was a cop who died in the line of duty, so she is no stranger to the police notification visit. But when a cop, yet again, shows up grim-faced and unannounced, her heart stops.

She thinks immediately of her daughter Emma, a freshman in college, and the only family Maggie has left. But Maggie’s daughter isn’t dead; she’s only missing.  And no one knows where she went.

Set on the campus of a large Philadelphia university (“Semper”) and in the dark underbelly occupied by the wealthiest men of the city and the Main Line, Where She Went (Sourcebooks) by Kelly Simmons is a thriller that will keep you hooked. You will swiftly unravel the mystery of Emma’s disappearance from Maggie’s point of view.

At the same time, the book will take you back in time, in an alternating point of view, to Emma’s first day of college, and you will watch Emma unravel an altogether more sinister mystery, the one that leads to her disappearance in the first place.

What could be so dark and dangerous to cause a person to disappear without a trace?

As Maggie’s and Emma’s stories race toward a frightening collision, questions arise: Who can be trusted? Is college as safe as we think it is? Sure, there are the dangers we do know about, but are those the only ones? Who is right—the parent’s gut or the cop’s procedure? How far should a parent go to save her child?

Will they ever find Emma? And when and if they do, what will they find? The truth? Or something worse?

Where She Went is yet another propulsive thriller from Simmons, author of One More Day and The Fifth of July, the perfect book to huddle up with on an autumn afternoon to keep you up until the early hours of the morning.


About Kelly Simmons

Kelly Simmons’ novels have been hailed as electrifying, complex and poignant, and aren’t those nice words? Her fourth novel, The Fifth of July, is being hailed as brilliant and the perfect beach read, so don’t buy it unless you have some sunscreen. She’s also a member of WFWA and The Liars Club, a group of published novelists dedicated to mentoring fledgling writers and running a popular weekly podcast.