Ursula Masdal


Fun book about a family of six children finding adventure through the year, draws from her Irish heritage and her own animal-oriented family.

URSULA MASDAL was born in Ireland and moved to London, England at an early age. She was educated in a convent. Surrounded by her Irish family sparked her interest in Irish folk lore, thus her writings show her Irish humor. This can be seen in her short plays and children’s books. Her short plays have been performed in her local church and other venues. Her first children’s novel was inspired by a trip to Michigan where she met an intriguing family. Staying with them for a few days became the basis of the series of stories involving them through the holidays.

She has gained skills in arts and crafts, stained glass, clay modelling, jewelry and painting from which she has gathered material for her books. Her main interest is in Geology, Astronomy, Science and Science Fiction and she is gathering knowledge to incorporate into a novel and play.

Ursula has written a number of poems on animals, birds and sea creatures, some of which have been published in local newspapers. She is in the process of publishing them as a collection of children’s poems. Grandmas could read to their grandchildren and ween them away from their cellphones.

On a personal note, Ursula has one daughter and four grandsons, hence her interest in camping and animals. Their mother had visions of them becoming Veterinarians, but it appears they are more interested in forensics.

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The Dale Family Adventures: Seven stories (Book 1)

The Dale Family Adventures: The Star Sapphire (Book 2)

The Dale Family Adventures: Isaac’s Camping Trip (Intermediate)

Biggest literary influencers:

Dennis Wheatley, Agatha Christie

Last book read:

Longshot by Dick Francis

The book that changed your life:

The Ka of Gifford Hillary by Dennis Wheatley. I became an avid reader since I couldn’t put his books down. I had to read the next page and the next and so on.

Your favorite literary character:

Detective Poirot by Agatha Christie. His detailed characteristics and crime solving methods with his “little grey cells” keep you captured until he reveals his process of deduction.

Currently working on:

Sequel to the Dale Family Adventures, Book 3, the ongoing story of the family adventure in Disney World. Their joyful time gets thwarted again by an evil sorcerer.

Words to live by:

Keep positive. Don’t dwell on negative comments. Remember only what you like and what is helpful. Keep writing. Write about everything that interests you. Revise later.

Advice to new and aspiring authors:

Keep a notebook with you at all times (with pen or pencil) – in your pocket, handbag, by the bedside table. Inspiration, intriguing thoughts come at any time and can be lost or forgotten. Like dreams, ideas disappear. Jot them down.

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“I bought the book for my grandchildren. The older one read to the younger ones while we were camping. They wanted to take it home. They want to read it all the time.”

–Guy, Largo, Fl.

“I bought the book to read to my young children. The youngest boy aged 6 said it was too scary. The older ones wanted to hear all the stories again and again.”

–Marie G., S. Carolina.

“The stories remind me of my grandchildren with their wild imagination who are always inventing scary stories to frighten their younger siblings. I bought the book for them and they loved it. It inspired my oldest granddaughter to write.”

–Dot B., Michigan.