This week’s AuthorBuzz giveaway has two books featuring everybody’s favorite celestial body: the moon!


Dear Reader,

Don’t you love novels that pose the question ‘What if?’ in really unexpected and exciting ways? Me too! Which is what inspired me to write Beyond the Moon, where a strange twist of fate connects a British soldier fighting in WW1 with a young woman living in modern-day England. It’s an intelligent and moving time travel love story with a page-turning, history-rich plot, perfect for book clubs. Kirkus said: “Taylor’s accomplished, genre-bending book succeeds as a WW1 historical novel and a beguiling, time travel romance.”

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Dear Reader,

Any lover of historical fiction who has experienced the throes of young love, endured a long, hot summer of discontent, survived tragedy, and learned life lessons along the way will love this poignant story. There is intense action, humor, soul-satisfying courage and redemption on a scale that every human being understands. Moon Water: A Novel promises to stay with you a lifetime.

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