Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver have been fascinating young audiences – and older ones – for generations. Now the bestselling team has collaborated to produce Alien Superstar (Abrams Children’s Books), the first novel in a new illustrated middle-grade series, releasing October 1.

Alien Superstar follows a young alien who escapes his planet only to end up in an even wilder place: Hollywood, CA.

In addition to drawing on their bestselling success as the authors of the Hank Zipzer and Here’s Hank series, Winkler and Oliver are infusing their decades of experience in Hollywood into a hilarious out-of-this-world story for middle-grade readers. Readers meet Buddy Burger, who escapes his alien planet after all forms of art and culture are outlawed by the repressive government.

He crash-lands in the middle of a Hollywood film lot, but people think it’s just part of the show and that Buddy is wearing an incredible alien costume. Through a series of misunderstandings and lucky breaks, Buddy is cast as an alien on a popular TV show and becomes a teen heartthrob overnight.

But will his legions of adoring fans still love him if they know that under his fake human skin, he has six eyes and suction cups on his feet?

“Lin and I believe comedy is one of the best introductions to reading,” says Winkler. Alien Superstar is funny, but it also explores an important theme: don’t judge a book by its cover. Underneath all our differences, we have a lot in common.”

Alien Superstar is available for pre-order.


About the Authors

Henry Winkler is an Emmy-award-winning actor, writer, director, and producer who has performed a number of iconic TV roles, including the Fonz on Happy Days and Gene Cousineau on Barry.

Lin Oliver is a writer and producer who has worked on TV, film, and children’s books. She is currently the executive director of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).