What if you could kick your own insecurities to the curb as easily as Batman takes down the Joker? In the flooded self-help market, author of seven award-winning books on self-help, Alice Inoue takes a unique and fun stance on unlocking your own powers to live life at your full potential. Complete with dynamic character illustrations from Jason Suapaia, Master Your Superpowers provides a new system based on an ancient framework for guidance on how to make confident decisions and live a balanced life.

Every hero has his/her own strengths, weaknesses and quirks. A personality quiz at the beginning of this book allows you to identify what kind of superhero you are based on your two strongest elements among five options (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal). Your corresponding superhero elements assess your own values, desires, powers, fears, strengths and weaknesses. The element archetypes also provide whimsical superhero characteristics like animal affiliation, mythological alliance and power colors.

Combining your two strongest elements out of the five determines what kind of integrated archetype superhero you are. Each superhero has his/her own creed, purpose and information on how to maximize your strengths, limit your weaknesses and surround yourself with the right kind of support. For example, my primary elements are Metal and Water, so my integrated archetype is the Focused Visionary.

The Metal element aligns itself with the traits of focus and perfectionism. Water carries the attributes of intuition and creativity. As a Focused Visionary, you can “efficiently and effectively bring anything into manifestation when you see it clearly in your mind’s eye.” However, your worst, you’re “detached and withdraw without communicating your true feelings.”

Reading more on the purpose, creed and mission for power, I reaffirmed characteristics and habits in the back of my mind I knew to be true about myself. The quiz portrayed an accurate representation of my personality and also unpacked my positive habits and areas of weakness. Reading on these areas of improvement, I became more aware of how to minimize my own faults. Reminding myself to keep realistic expectations and to speak up on my own observations was a helpful exercise, revealed in a creative lens in relation to my superhero identity.

Master Your Superpowers is a powerful tool for anyone feeling lost or frustrated in their life path. It’s also helpful in extending empathy to others by taking the time to think about how their own habits and personality shape the way they act. Light-hearted yet thorough, this book is fun to fill out and enjoyable to peruse. We know you’re already super, but take full advantage of your own powers and give this book a read.

Master Your Superpowers is now available for purchase.


Nationally award-winning author Alice Inoue, Hawaii’s expert on happiness and positivity, founded Happiness U, a school in Honolulu devoted to personal growth and transformation. Her Integrated Archetype is the Intuitive Luminary. Visit www.MasterYourSuperpowers.com for more.

Illustrator Jason Suapaia, who has enjoyed an award-winning career in video production, digital media and advertising, has been sketching superheroes since the age of ten. He is the Caring Perfectionist.