Adventure, romance and rich Celtic culture combine to great effect in Princess of Wind & Sea, the second book in Cassandra Finnerty’s The Princess of Nature series.

At first, Aisling and Prince Drayaen are separated at sea. Aisling is in command of one of the ships in her fleet while Prince Drayaen leads security on another. The pair is dramatically reunited when a storm causes damage to Drayaen’s ship and he’s forced ashore for supplies. When Drayaen learns that Aisling and members of his crew have been taken hostage by pirates, he heroically prepares for battle. They are freed with the help of Aisling and her magic dagger, but there is more work to be done.  

Together, Prince Drayaen and Aisling travel the world assisting members of the secret society, freeing slaves and trading goods and services with the locals. Along the way, Aisling takes possession of more weapons that have the magic she needs to defend her crew from illness, disease and attack from their rivals, some of whom seek to strip her of her power. Those she helps in her journey reward her handsomely, and she relies on her allies’ knowledge as well as the Book of Magic to aid her in her final confrontation with the ruler that seeks to destroy her and all she represents. 

Will Aisling conquer evil with Prince Drayaen by her side and protect the lives of those she’s charged with leading? Or will her quest to promote positive change end before it’s even begun?

We asked the author a few questions about her novel of mythic adventure.

BookTrib: Aisling is an impressive heroine. Who were your influences in creating her?

Cassandra Finnerty: The biggest influences came from Celtic mythology and fairy tales, where goddesses possessed power over man and nature.

BT: We noticed that you incorporated certain aspects of Irish culture into your books. What were your favorite facets to include?

CF: There are a number of favorites! One of the hallmarks of Irish culture is that the people have always had to fight for their freedom. Even now, the coastlines are dotted with castles, battlements and ancient monuments – a reminder of the relentless struggle against invasion. I’ve integrated this warrior heritage — and fierce drive for independence — into the book.

Another aspect of Irish culture includes a tremendous spirit of resilience. These traits are reflected in the main character, Aisling. Whenever she encounters adversity, she creates innovative solutions. They might not always be correct (she is flawed, after all!) but the Princess finds a way to make impossible things happen. Of course, we can’t forget a shared love of the land, and appreciation of nature. One of the intriguing elements of this story is that the heroine falls in love with a warrior from the East Kingdom, which involves a blending of cultures.

BT: Aisling has power over the elements — if you could have any power, what would it be?

CF: Control over the natural elements would be amazing, but I think the ultimate would be the power of love.

BT: What can you tell us about the next book in the series, Princess of the Emerald Valleys?

CF: I’m excited about Book 3 in the Princess of Nature Series. It takes place in the year 1774. Aisling and the prince return to Ireland, and face new enemies. To fight the dark forces, they must travel to exotic locations — from the mythical kingdoms of Insula and Penge to major ports in Northern Europe. Aisling and the prince join forces to overcome their battles with society, man, nature — and ultimately, love.

Princess of Wind and Sea is now available for purchase.

About Cassandra Finnerty:

Cassandra is the author of action-adventure, fantasy and romance. She loves to create bold, untamed and endearing characters who struggle to overcome their flaws. Her fondness for western Ireland – with its rugged shores, hidden caves and wind-swept cliffs — inspired many settings in the Princess of Nature Series. Cassandra enjoys writing about mystical powers, lush landscapes and stormy seas.

For more on Cassandra, visit her website.