Nothing is quite like the relationship between a dog and its owner. Bringing a dog into the home is the equivalent of adding one more furry extension to the family. Within this tight-knit group is still the possibility of a uniquely closer bond–one between dog and child. Vonny B and Me, written by DeWana Nichelle Green and illustrated by Coren Paige beautifully illustrates this relationship.

Von Bowser Bentley is a dignified name but a bit of a mouthful. For this reason, his family calls him by their nickname for their young Sheepadoodle, Vonny B.  The story is told from the perspective of the young boy in the family, explaining his special friendship with Vonny B. The boy’s mom explains that Vonny B. is hypoallergenic and great with kids. But he’s also a handful and keeps her plenty busy.

To her, Vonny B. plays out in the mud and then comes into the clean house, despite her many protestations. However, when her son tells Vonny B to go to his kennel, he goes, “just like that!” This particular obedience to the young boy among many other traits distinguishes Vonny B as his special dog and friend.

Vonny B is the essential playmate, never tiring of fetch in the park. He reminds everyone of the beauty of the world around them on walks by stopping to smell the flowers and playing with the butterflies. He enjoys long walks with the family, especially when he gets to stop and model in front of his favorite fountain. Mom has to be careful on walks though, when her son isn’t present their casual stroll often turns into a sprint when Vonny B feels bursts of energy.

As lovably difficult as Vonny B sometimes is, his loyalty and fun spirit makes obstacles such as cleaning and keeping up with the large dog all more than worthwhile. Vonny B always gives the best welcome back from school hugs and makes the perfect sleepover buddy in bed. Just don’t ask what end shares the pillow–head or tail. Teaching kids the different responsibilities for caring for a dog of their own (feeding, cleaning, exercising, etc.), this story also illustrates the heartwarming benefits of a constant companion. Curl up with your own canine companion or child to read this endearing tale.

Vonny B and Me is now available for purchase.


DeWana Green knows about foster care. In fact, she spent most of her formative years in foster care. Her experience includes living in over 20 different foster homes, 5 long term treatment facilities, 3 group homes, and the pain that many foster children endure of people constantly giving up on them. Today, she is a proud university graduate holding both, bachelor’s and master’s level degrees. She works in healthcare/biotech and teaches college part time. She is also the brains and creative force behind DeWana G – It is in You a weekly inspirational quote and the online talk show Let’s Get Social on Facebook.

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