Everyone has a story…not everyone can tell it. Roxanne says first-time author Erin Hosier “assuredly can tell her story and does so with the kind of wit, energy, warmth, and honesty that rivets you to the page.”

The New York City native and literary agent kicked off publicity for her memoir Don’t Let Me Down at the Just the Right Book studios for her podcast debut conversation!  

The Beatles provided the soundtrack for the long and winding road from rural Ohio to New York City and we meet Erin’s parents who unpredictably trade their sixties rock ‘n’ roll life for Christian hymns. We meet her dad who was prone to violent outbursts. We also get to know Erin as she navigates her way through the debris and love of a fractured family, in the end reminding us that all you need is love.

Books in this Episode:

Don’t Let Me Down (Atria Books) by Erin Hosier

Autobiography of a Face (Mariner Books) by Lucy Grealy 

The Forest for the Trees (Riverhead Books) by Betsey Lerner

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