Toy airplanes are one thing; real airplanes are quite another.

That was the dilemma for young Scotty, who loved playing with his toy airplane but said he was “too scared to fly high in the sky” on a real one.

And so the stage is set for a fun story and learning adventure in A for Airplane, written by Rob Bevan and inspired by his son Scotty. It is the first in a planned Transport Adventure Learning Series of 26, with the second book, “B for Bus,” to be published soon.

A for Airplane provides lessons for young children in three ways:

  • It teaches them about the letter A and introduces them to many words that start with the letter A.
  • It teaches them about the sights and sounds of air travel, from the airport experience to the airplane itself.
  • It helps children learn the priceless lesson of overcoming your fears and turning them into a wonderful, joyful and happy adventure.

All the lessons are learned under the backdrop of a fun story. Scotty was scared to fly until he was given the chance to go skyward with his grandfather flying the plane. This was an opportunity too good to be true. Scotty was so overwhelmed with excitement that he completely left his nervousness on the ground.

Before Scotty and Grandpa are airborne, there are plenty of things to see and lessons to learn at the airport – everything from the check-in process, parting with your luggage, going to the gate and eventually getting equipped to board a plane.

From the plane, Scotty spots lots of wildlife and things beginning with the letter A.

Besides the story itself, the book has other fun features for kids:

  • Photography images of wildlife and objects.
  • A memory quiz to enhance the children’s alphabet learning and vocabulary.
  • Free downloadable learning activities.
  • Photography images of different airplane types.
  • Fun things to do on an airplane.

In explaining the origin of the book and the coming series, Rob Bevan says, “Scotty is a cartoon caricature of our son, Scott, who loves everything and anything to do with transport. The Scotty Club was born from using his favorite topic, transport, to encourage Scotty to learn the basics of the alphabet, vocabulary and numbers. Further learning was encouraged by nighttime stories which started by creating stories with corresponding letters of the alphabet to a mode of transport.”

Bevan further explains, “After being diagnosed with dyslexia and knowing my own learning difficulties, I was worried about others who had similar challenges. I saw my son Scott was only interested in playing with wheels whizzing by, not practicing letters or numbers. I came up with the idea for the series by turning Scott’s interest in travel into an engaging learning opportunity.”

One of the more amusing aspects of putting the series together, according to Bevan, was negotiating with Scott which mode of transport to correspond to each letter.

Visit www.Scotty.Club to learn more. The book is available for purchase on Amazon.

A for Airplane is now available to purchase.

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According to author Rob Bevan, the dream is for the Scotty Learning Adventure series to become an icon of positivity, courage and a learning base for every child in the world. The alphabet “Scotty Adventure Learning” transport series was literally inspired when Rob’s son Scotty was born. The author, who has dyslexia, was concerned his son would have developmental issues as well.  Look for more from the series, with “B for Bus” scheduled to publish in early 2019.