This is not an ordinary book about financial strategies; it is a guide to creating a millionaire mindset. Investing is not just about money; it’s about your life—your emotions and behavior and goals. Especially in today’s turbulent times, overcoming negative attitudes and biases is vital to making sound financial decisions. The Millionaire Within: A Guidebook to Money, Relationships, and Creating a Vision For Your Unique Path to Success (First Edition Design Publishing) will help navigate you to happiness and financial fulfillment.

Instead of market analysis and portfolio diversification, this ingenious book sparks an innovation in personal financial planning. Father-daughter duo Walter Wisniewski and Allison Vanaski, with 40 years of combined experience, help clients change their perceptions about money. They know “your goal in investing should be to find contentment, personal fulfillment and love in all aspects of life.”

“Finding your millionaire within is not just about money and accumulating wealth…[but] also about finding a balance in your life that will allow doors to open and relationships to flourish.”

Although your perception of the world and how you react to it can impact your financial decisions, identifying and addressing the effect of your emotions can unleash the wealth within. Surmounting emotional pitfalls will pave the way for a smooth journey to personal fulfillment and financial security, cultivating your inner millionaire.

Wisniewski and Vanaski have developed strategies to gain control of the emotional side of investing, creating a millionaire mentality:

Brain Wiring: Your brain craves certainty, so overcoming pre-programmed fear and insecurity is crucial before making financial decisions. Learn how to combine right- and left-brain thinking to reach sound conclusions.

Bias—Identify and Conquer: Your psychological biases can skew your perception of the world, including the economy and financial markets. Learn to recognize and overcome these preconceptions to make unbiased investment decisions.

Life Experiences: What has happened to you in your past influences how you think about the future, including your financial future. Turn negative experiences into learning opportunities that can result in stronger financial gain. Wisdom gained from your past financial mistakes can guide you to make more informed financial decisions.

Musical Magic and Synchronicity: Learn how to harness the laws of attraction to be your best self and to create positive outcomes.

Invest in Your Human Capital: YOU are the most valuable asset in your financial arsenal. Take charge and propel yourself to financial security.

Optimism and Luck: Learn how to recognize opportunities, seize them, and create your own luck. Improving your luck can be as simple as changing your attitude. Turning problems into opportunities can increase your wealth.

“Bad things happen to everyone…. It’s not what happens to you in life, it’s how you perceive and react to what happens that determines whether you are weakened or empowered.”

Adjust Your Attitude: Control your attitude and endure the storms. Overcoming obstacles will allow you to move forward toward your financial goals.

“The beliefs and attitudes you hold in your mind determine what happens in your life, not the other way around…. [your] life will mirror what goes on inside [your] brain. The only way to change your relationship with money is to change your mindset.”

Vision: Learn how to use the vision of your desired future to make decisions. “Investment strategy and performance are important considerations, but what is more important is having a long-term vision of what you want your life to be… vision in the present moment… should guide you.”

So, consider what investing and wealth mean to you. “If you can separate your money from fear, worry and emotion, you will be one step closer to unleashing the millionaire within.”

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Walter Wisniewski holds a Bachelors Degree from the Manhattan School of Music and a Masters Degree from Columbia University. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner.

Walter Wisniewski is the founder, CEO, and President of Arcadia Wealth Management. Walter has been in the wealth management business for over 32 years, but he spent the earlier part of his career as a concert pianist. Using all his acquired skills, Mr. Wisniewski assists economically independent women and men to achieve a safe and secure financial future. In his upcoming book, The Millionaire Within, Mr. Wisniewski talks about the interconnection between emotions, money, and behavior as it relates individuals going through life-changing transitions.

Walter is an active member of the Financial Planning Association and Rotary International. He also enjoys participating in Music & Memory, acting as a liaison between high school students and patients in nursing homes in order to bring music into people’s lives.

Mr. Wisniewski and his wife Susan have been married for more than thirty-five years and have three children. He enjoys reading, traveling, music, boating and fishing.

Allison Vanaski is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner.

Allison holds a Bachelor Degree in Finance from Villanova University, with a minor in communication. She was captain of the Varsity Softball team at Villanova and President of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee.

Allie grew up in Smithtown, Long Island, and recently bought a house in Rockville Centre, NY with her husband Scott. Most of her free time has been occupied with painting and unpacking boxes, but she usually enjoys playing co-ed sports with her friends, reading and traveling.