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Chris Formant
Photo by Holly Hughes

Chris Formant
Genre: Historic Fiction

Novelist CHRIS FORMANT is a student of history, a former top executive of a multibillion-dollar global business, and active early-stage technology investor and CEO. Formant is an unlikely author of historical fiction, but the heroic story of Maryland’s Forgotten 400 drove him to assemble an expert team to help him conduct painstaking research and then write his highly anticipated second novel, Saving Washington: The Forgotten Story of the Maryland 400 and The Battle of Brooklyn. Saving Washington has already been optioned by one of HBO’s top producers.

His debut tome, Bright Midnight, received lavish praise and has been dubbed the “Da Vinci Code for Rock and Roll Fans.” In the work, Formant creates a unique mystery in which he reimagines the deaths of rock icons as murders. 

Chris splits his time between Baltimore, MD and Sedona, AZ.

Visit Chris at his website: https://chrisformant.com.



Bright Midnight (November 2016)

Saving Washington: The Forgotten Story of the Maryland 400 and The Battle of Brooklyn (coming February 2019)


Biggest literary Influencer:
Steven Pressfield, David McCullough, Dan Brown, Stephen King

Last book read:
Principles by Ray Dalio

The book that changed your life:
The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christensen changed the way that I thought about business, business models, and how disruption and change occur in every field of endeavor, throughout history and in a person’s life.

Your favorite literary character:
Whoever my current lead character is.

Currently working on:
The Mortuary Tree

Words to live by:
“The one thing all famous authors, top athletes, successful business leaders, singers, actors and celebrated achievers in any field have in common is that they all began their journeys when they were none of those things.”

Advice to new and aspiring authors:
“Let the reader find the story.” -Stephen King


Bright Midnight is an unexpected gem of a story….The ingenious weaving of ‘historical’ accounts and clever vignettes with descriptions of advanced forensic technology unlock a set of startling revelations that will leave readers reeling at the end. Bright Midnight is rock and roll’s DaVinci Code!”

— Gregg Fienberg,
Award-winning producer and director of
Deadwood, True Blood and Twin Peaks

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