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Sara Wiseman

Sara Wiseman
Genre: Mind/Body/Spirit

SARA WISEMAN is a visionary spiritual teacher and award-winning author of many books on spirituality and intuition, including Messages from the Divine. She’s reached tens of thousands of students worldwide via Intuition University, hosts the Ask Sara radio show and Spiritual Psychic podcast with over 2.1 million subscribers, and writes the award-winning Daily Divine blog. Sara has also released four new age music albums.

For more information on this author: http://www.sarawiseman.com/


Writing the Divine: How to Use Channeling for Soul Growth & Healing (2008)

Your Psychic Child: How to Raise Intuitive & Spiritually Gifted Children (2009)

The Four Passages of the Heart: Moving from Pain into Love (2012)

The Intuitive Path: The Seeker’s Guide to Spiritual Intuition (2012)

Intuition, Cancer & Miracles: A Passage of Hope & Healing (2013)

Living a Life of Gratitude: Your Journey to Grace, Joy & Healing (2013)

Messages from the Divine: Wisdom for the Seeker’s Soul (2018)

Currently working on:
Several new books on spirituality and intuition. Also creating new coursework for Intuition University.

Words to live by:
“The Universe is always guiding us.”

Advice to new and aspiring authors:
The more you can enter a flow state when you are working, the happier you will be and the better your work will be.

Articles About Sara:

“Do you have a daily spiritual practice? Why it does—and doesn’t—matter” –New Age Spirituality http://new-age-spirituality.com/wordpress/content/4044

“How does nature communicate with us” –Aspire Magazine

“Calling in your Beloved: The truth about soul mates.” –The Edge Magazine http://www.edgemagazine.net/2016/04/calling-in-your-beloved-soul-mates/


“Sara Wiseman speaks to the soul in clear, direct language, reminding us of why we’re here and how to live in the most effortless, efficient, joyful way so we can evolve and remember who we really are. She addresses a full range of life’s issues and consciousness practices. You will find great depth in the simplicity of this book!”

Penney Peirce, author of Transparency, Frequency, and Leap of Perception

“Sara receives the most beautiful divine guidance, which she shares with us in this lovely book of spiritual teachings.”

– Madisyn Taylor, Co-Founder, DailyOM, and author of Unmedicated: The Four Pillars of Natural Wellness

“Sara Wiseman has produced a work that will inspire you and help to illuminate your spiritual path. Her stories and timeless wisdom offer the reader a map for navigating through the awakening process. Savor the book, read it slowly, and contemplate the advice and messages contained within.”

Dr. Steven Farmer, author of Sacred Ceremony and Animal Spirit Guides

“Messages from the Divine is a gem of a book, full of golden nuggets of divine wisdom. With her stories, exercises and examples, Sara Wiseman has made the information eminently relevant and therefore natural in applying to one’s own life. Truly a course in soul growth.”

Servet Hasan, award-winning author of Life in Transition

“Sara Wiseman unfolds universal petals of wisdom affirming over and over what is surely in every heart, what we all know to be true, yet what we ever need to be reminded of—how to open fully to this unfathomable gift of life. Thank you, Sara, for this beautiful book!”

Ajayan Borys, author of Effortless Mind: Meditate with Ease and Whispers of the Himalaya

“Messages from the Divine is a compassionate and expansive guidebook for personal growth and evolving consciousness. Each message lovingly beckons us to remember, awaken and to dive deeply into the experience of living conscious, empowered and divine lives.”

Danielle Rama Hoffman, author of The Tablets of Light and The Council of Light

“Messages From The Divine is not just words on a page, but rather a transmission that helps us evolve into our true nature. When we allow the words to deeply penetrate through the façade of the false self, it creates an opening into Essence where everything we want resides. There is no shortcut to this place but there is indeed a pathway laid out before us in this instrumental and potentially life-changing book. Apply this simple and profound wisdom and watch your world effortlessly change.”

Jenai Lane, Founder of Spirit Coach® Training and author of Spirit Led Instead 

“Messages From The Divine provides a refreshing, open-hearted approach to trusting in the Universe and its divine guidance.”

Jodi Livon, author of The Happy Medium® book series

“Sara Wiseman’s latest book offer invaluable wisdom, insights and advice for getting through the highs and lows of everyday life. It’s also tightly packed with action-oriented exercises that are really powerful yet so easy and fun to achieve. This is my favorite of her many books yet, and I’ve loved them all!”

Debra Lynne Katz, author of You Are Psychic, Extraordinary Psychic and Freeing the Genie Within 

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