Sara Wiseman is not only an award-winning author, but she’s been a spiritual teacher for years. Her latest book, Messages from the Divineacts as a guide, showing us how to open up, and connect with others and the universe around us. The lessons themselves are timeless, and provide solutions for some of the most common questions that we have today, including things like living authentically, being happy with what we have, and more.

Wiseman is a beautiful writer, and each chapter is filled with not only advice and wisdom, but hope. Unlike other books on spirituality, Wiseman doesn’t tell you that there’s one and only one way to find a spiritual path – instead, the guidance she offers is universal in its accessibility, making it so that everyone can receive and understand the messages she’s offering to us.

BookTrib got to chat with Wiseman about her new book, how she found her own spiritual path, and the one lesson that everyone should take away from the book.

In addition to her books, Wiseman also offers a series of online courses, with subjects ranging from dealing with anxiety and overcoming body and shame, to opening yourself up psychically.

Messages from the Divine is now available for purchase. For more information on Sara Wiseman, visit her website at


Sara Wiseman is a visionary spiritual teacher and award-winning author of many books on spirituality and intuition, including Messages from the Divine. She’s reached tens of thousands of students worldwide via Intuition University, hosts the Ask Sara radio show and Spiritual Psychic podcast with over 2.1 million subscribers, and writes the award-winning Daily Divine Sara has also released four new age music albums.

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