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Review: ‘Mister Tender’s Girl’ is a Dark Re-telling of Slender Man Case

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Some books are creepy, and some get even creepier when you find out that they’re based on a true story. Such is the case with Carter Wilson’s Mister Tender’s Girl, based on the Slender Man stabbing case.

Slender Man, the supernatural character created as part of a internet meme, became an international sensation in 2014 after two 12-year-old girls stabbed a classmate in the woods in order to become proxies for Slender Man, whom they believed who come after them and their families if they did not. The victim survived the attack with the help of a passing cyclist and the two girls who attacked her were sentenced: one to 40 years and one to 25 years in a mental hospital. The case went on to inspire episodes of television, documentaries and movies.

Now, Carter Wilson has written a different take on the story, introducing Mister Tender, a character based on Slender Man. For fans of psychological horror, this one is sure to be your favorite book of the year. Deeply unsettling, twisted and more than a little dark, Wilson once again shows why he is a master at his craft.

When Alice Hill was fourteen, she was brutally stabbed by two of her classmates and left for dead in the middle of a park in London. When her classmates were caught, they confessed that they had tried to murder her for Mister Tender, a character in a graphic novel created by Alice’s own father. With this act, Alice’s family was destroyed, the community ripped apart and the two classmates were sentenced to prison for a long time.

Ten years later, Alice is now living in the United States, trying to focus on her career and the life she’s built for herself. But the past is refusing to be ignored any longer, no matter how much she tries. Someone knows far too much – not only about what happened that night, but about the intimate details of Alice’s private life as well. As for Alice, she’s starting to realize the truth: Mister Tender is off the page and into the world; he’s coming for Alice and this time, she won’t get away as easily.

Written full of tension sharp as the edge of a razor-blade, Wilson weaves together an intense story that is as chilling as it is haunting. Not for the faint of heart, Mister Tender’s Girl is a mesmerizing, complex thriller that’s impossible to put down until the very end – just make sure to keep the lights on.

Mister Tender’s Girl will be available for purchase on February 13th. For more information on the author, please visit his website at carterwilson.com


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USA Today bestselling author Carter Wilson explores the depths of psychological tension and paranoia in his dark, domestic thrillers. Carter is a two-time winner of both the Colorado Book Award and the International Book Award, and his novels have received multiple starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, Booklist, and Library Journal. Carter lives in Erie, Colorado in a spooky Victorian house.


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