When I began the Roommates series last year, I never would have imagined how much people gobbled up these stories. There’s something about living in close proximity to someone you’re attracted to, well it’s creates a powerful pull. I have enjoyed writing each of the books in this series, and THE BED MATE is no exception. In this story, two best friends—Maggie and Sam are forced to explore the extent of their feelings as they share a hotel room on a snowing mountain resort. I hope you enjoy this one as I much as I did.

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Writing mafia romance has been the ultimate thrill for me in more ways than one. I never dreamed back in 2011 that I would still be writing sexy stand-alones framed after the Sicilian and Russian Crime Families! Eulogy begins with a heartbreaking betrayal and a blood filled promise for revenge. Add in some sexy times and you have my favorite mafia book I’ve ever written! I’m giving away 5 free copies!

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