Whether we listen for the whisper of our inner voice or wait until it clobbers us over the head, we all get internal messages that signal when it’s time to make changes in our lives.

My shift began 13 years ago, when the whisper told me I cared much more about my clients’ and co-workers’ health and well-being, than about any business deal or transaction that brought us together. The mallet to the head came in the form of anxiety and dread beginning each day of my 20th year in corporate America. Since I had been informally studying nutrition since the age of 11, my first step towards self-reinvention was becoming certified as a health coach, empowering people to make their own best decisions to reach health and lifestyle goals. At the same time, I was introduced to Polychromatic LED Light Therapy: a truly smart tool that enables us to reduce or eliminate chronic pain, increase circulation and stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms.

What was so different about this modality – from a practitioner’s perspective – was that clients didn’t need to be dependent on coming to me for sessions ad nauseum; if they liked their results, they could purchase a light system to use on themselves and their families.  Quite often, my clients’ families included a member with four legs and a tail – and the light therapy sessions yielded such powerful results for their pet that their humans decided to purchase a system to use on themselves as well.  It wasn’t atypical for a dog to be able to avoid a $5,000 surgery for a torn ACL – and be able to run again in a few short months.

Anyway, the horses came next: the company that produced this light therapy system also made unique equipment that both pinpointed and addressed the many physical and energetic imbalances that occur in a horse’s body.  I lived in an area surrounded by many horse farms and I just felt compelled to take my next step, becoming a certified practitioner so I could apply this photopuncture (acupuncture with light instead of needles) and work on horses.

One day, while I was working on an injured horse, a voice boomed loudly in my head: “This Hay Is Crap”.  Weeks later, I “heard” a message from another horse named Emilion that dismantled every belief I held about human versus non-human capabilities, perception and spiritual awareness and set in motion my dance of awakening to animal consciousness.

For nearly three years, I clung to my skepticism, accumulating “real world proof”— solving problems for humans by communicating with their pets—before I could believe the information I was receiving from the horses.  The wisdom and insights they conveyed were what we expect to hear from the mouths of spiritual thought leaders such as the Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle or Deepak Chopra and, posthumously, Wayne Dyer.

Once I allowed for the possibility that Universal Wisdom could be transmitted through the consciousness of a non-human, many other animals of the land, sea and air — both in body and in spirit —began to reveal the secrets of their existence along with guidance to help us survive and thrive as humans ​

I have come to realize that when I put the animal wise ways and suggestions into practice, I experience greater health, happiness, peace of mind and sense of purpose.

We Walk Beside You is just one of the animal kingdom’s many gifts to all of us.

We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World is now available for purchase.


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