The year is now officially winding down to a close and while we’re all looking forward to 2018 and the new books it will bring, that doesn’t mean that 2017 doesn’t have anything more to offer! This week some of the most interesting new releases have come out, and we couldn’t be more excited about them.

Some of the best include Pino Corrias’s new novel We’ll Sleep When We’re Old that promises glamour in Rome with a kick of dark humor; and Gary Disher’s Signal Loss is all but guaranteed to be one of the most suspenseful reads of the year. But if the baked goods that inevitably come with the winter season is more up your alley, there is also a great collection cookbooks on healthy eating and desserts to peruse through. Take a look at the list below, and see what looks good to you!

Literary & Novels

Signals: New and Selected StoriesTim Gautreaux

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From classic American novelist Tim Gautreaux, Signals is a collection of short stories, some old, and some brand new. Each one is an effortless masterpiece, and ode to the heat, small-town life, faith and more of the author’s beloved home in the South.



House of the Sleeping Beauties and Other StoriesYasunari Kawabata

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From Nobel Prize-winning author Yasunari Kawabata, this book contains three charges and electric stories. Given a window into the lives of three lonely and desperate men, Kawabata explores sex and psychology, fantasy and reality, and where the boundaries are.




Who Killed Piet Barol? Richard Mason

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This is literary fiction at its finest. In an effort to avoid his trauma from WWI, Piet Barol takes to the African forests. Running from his secrets, he stumbles across an unexpected prize that he must have, no matter the cost. What follows is a compelling story of greed, temptation and human nature.



We’ll Sleep When We’re Old: A NovelPino Corrias

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Rome is dripping in aristocracy and luxury, and self-made film-production president Oscar Martello is at the center of it. When a fire burns down his villa and Oscar disappears, everyone is left wondering what happened to him – and who could have committed this act. Witty, gripping and suspenseful, this is a must-read.


In the Fall They Come Back, Robert Bausch

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Ben Jameson wants to change lives and his job as a teacher at a private prep school seems like the perfect place for him to do that. But he might get more than he bargained for when he becomes deeply involved in the lives of three teenagers. A beautiful story on compassion, relationships, and human nature.


Nights at SeasideAddison Cole

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Sky Lacroux has finally done what she always wanted – open up a tattoo shop; the only thing lacking in her life is love. Sawyer Bass, a professional boxer, plays the guitar at a local bar to escape the tragedies in his life. When the two finally meet, it seems like everything should be perfect; but they’re both fighting battles that they’ll need each other to win.

       Suspense & Murder

16th Seduction (Women’s Murder Club), James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

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Lindsay Boxer is trying to put her life back together after a fierce betrayal, when her hometown is faced with a danger never before seen. Now, she must fight to save everything she loves: her home, her career, and her life. Twisty, shocking and suspenseful, this book just continues to prove why James Patterson is the best as what he does. Note: this edition is the new paperback.


Signal Loss (A Hal Challis Investigation)Garry Disher

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Meth-related crime is on the rise, and when the bodies of two hit-men are found burned in their car outside a drug lab, Inspector Challis is assigned the case. At the same time, Sergeant Destry is on the case of a serial rapist who excels at leaving behind no evidence. Dark and tense, this is the latest in the Ned Kelly award-winning series.


Bloodstains with Bronte: A Crime with the Classics MysteryKatherine Bolger Hyde

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Windy Corner is being turned into a writers’ retreat and two of the workers are a bit too interested in Katie, the housekeeper and single mother. When a dead body turns up, Luke, the detective, is forced to investigate Katie. Emily, reading Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre, starts seeing parallels between the books and the murder. But can she save Katie in time?


Ginger Snapped: A Spice Shop Mystery (Spice Shop Mystery Series)Gail Oust

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Shirley the realtor is found dead and the main suspect is police chief and suspected romantic interest Wyatt McBride. While he and Piper didn’t start off great, they’ve gotten closer, and Piper jumps in and enlists the help of her best friend to save him. But when things take a turn for the worse, Piper is put in danger too. Charming, with a kick!


A Murder for the Books: A Blue Ridge Library MysteryVictoria Gilbert

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Escaping from a bad romance, Amy Webber moves in with her aunt in Virginia, distracting herself with work at the library. When dancer-turned-teacher Richard asks Amy to hep clear the name of the woman his grand-uncle loved, the woman suspected of poisoning him, things start stirring. But the town is plunged into chaos when a series of unexpected murders start happening.



Tasty Latest and Greatest: Everything You Want to Cook Right Now (An Official Tasty Cookbook)Tasty

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Tasty is the cooking brand of Buzzfeed, and now they have an official cookbook. With 80+ already reviewed recipes, this dishes in this book are the best of the best. Recipes include trendy takes, classic favorites, and new updates.


Simply Keto: A Practical Approach to Health and Weight Loss, with 100+ Easy Low-Carb RecipesSuzanne Ryan

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The ketogenic diet can be a tricky, with low-carb, high-fat meal rules. Suzanne Ryan’s book is perfect for everyone wanting to start out on this diet, but can’t quiet figure out the right way to do it. In addition to recipes, she also shares FAQs and her own experiences on the diet.


Healthy Meal Prep: Time-saving plans to prep and portion your weekly mealsStephanie Tornatore & Adam Bannon

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This book comes from YouTube’s ‘Fit Couple Cooks’ and guides you through preparing meals for a week in just a few hours. The recipes ensure you always have healthy, balanced meals, and gives you more free time.


The Craving Cure: Identify Your Craving Type to Activate Your Natural Appetite ControlJulia Ross

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Starting off with a five-part questionnaire, this book helps you target what you’re craving, why you’re over-eating, and how to start eating the right portions of food. Ross’s clinic in California specializes in food addiction, and over-eating, and she’s all but guaranteed to help you cure your cravings.



Secret Layer Cakes, Hidden Fillings and Flavors that Elevate Your DessertsDini Kodippili

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This cookbook updates all your favorite dessert recipes, by adding another layer to them – literally. Each classic recipe is updated to contain another elements of flavor, filling, or topping to make your recipes a fun surprise and a sure stand-out from the rest.


Methods of Modern Homebrewing: The Comprehensive Guide to Contemporary Craft Beer Brewing, Chris Colby

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Colby’s second book, he shows all the home-brewers how to really make the perfect beer, including everything from the fundamental basics, to the best tests, and ways to perfect the details of taste. This is the comprehensive and essential guide to beer on the market.

Memoir & Biography

Access All Areas: Stories from a Hard Rock LifeScott Ian

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This is the memoir of Scott Ian, the cofounder of iconic metal band Anthrax. Here, he shares memories of life backstage of the hard rock scene, the scenes he’s witnessed, and the unexpected events he’s been through. A fabulous writer, this memoir is incredibly engaging.



The Only Girl in the World: A Memoir, Maude Julien, & Adriana Hunter

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Maude Julien’s parents believed that they had a sacred duty to turn their daughter into the ultimate survivor – a superhero. But they did this by raising her in isolation, forcing her to hold onto electric fences,  and making her go through drills to eliminate “weakness.” She now shares her incredible story of survival, imagination, and escape.


An Uncommon Reader: The Life of Edward Garnett, Mentor and Editor of Literary Genius Helen Smith

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Edward Garnett was one of the most important editors of the 20th Century, and Smith’s portrayal of him in this biography is astounding. Working as a reader for hire, his relationships with other authors were everything from volatile to legendary, and his talents at finding the life-blood of books was apparent in his translative works. A truly unforgettable read.

Crown of Blood: The Deadly Inheritance of Lady Jane GreyNicola Tallis

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Not just a type of tea, Lady Jane Grey had an amazing, if short, life. There is a lot of misunderstanding about her trial and execution, and Tallis’s book is a fantastic retelling. Though she was only queen for nine days, her story is one of faith, education, and loyalty.



House of the Dead: Siberian Exile Under the TsarsDaniel Beer

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This book recounts the hundred year history of Siberia’s penal colony, from the beginning of the 19th century until the Revolution. During this time, more than one million prisoners were exiled, including their families. Beer’s book is a fantastic recounting, working through the ties, effects, and impacts of this migration.


Fortress America: How We Embraced Fear and Abandoned DemocracyElaine Tyler May

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For the last six decades, the USA has bought more guns, moved into gaited communities, and updated their locks and security more than anyone else. Elaine Tyler May looks at how the obsession with security and safety has locked us down, cut out freedom, and bred mistrust.



To Heal a Wounded Heart: The Transformative Power of Buddhism and Psychotherapy in Action, Pilar Jennings, PhD

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Psychoanalyst Pilar Jennings was approached with the difficult case of a six year old girl, whose trauma from loss was expressed in her not speaking. Taking an unorthodox approach, Jennings invited a Buddhist monk to their sessions – and what grew out of those sessions became a incredible story of healing and love.


YA and Children’s Books

The Truth Beneath the LiesAmanda Searcy

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Kayla wants to run away from her life: the government housing, her job and her unstable mother. Betsy wants to survive her life: the new rules, the burner phone and being watched all the time. But when their lives collide, only one girl will make it out. This debut thriller is a fantastic, unpredictable read.


Disney*Pixar: A Pop-Up Celebration, Matthew Reinhart 

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This pop-up book from New York Times best-selling author and artist is the ultimate celebration of the history of Pixar. Each pop-up contains an Easter egg to Pixar’s films, and the vibrant, colorful and special pop-up creations are a beautiful homage to the original works.


Martin Luther King: The Peaceful WarriorEd Clayton & Donald Bermudez

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This book was previously released in 1969, and has been updated for the new generation of children today. With beautiful illustrations, this book documents the life and efforts of Martin Luther King, Jr., written by an author close to the family. This is a great addition to the books written on Martin Luther King, Jr.


Star Wars: Rogue One Graphic Novel Adaptation, Alessandro Ferrari

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Star Wars: Rogue One was the blockbuster latest in the Star Wars film series, and now it’s here in graphic novel form. Follow along and read about Jyn Erso, the daughter of the Death Star’s creator, as she tries to save her father from Imperial control.


The Best of Archie Americana Vol. 1: Golden Age (The Best of Archie Comics)Archie Superstars

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This is the first of a three-part series, each focusing in a different age in the history of Archie Comics. First introduced in 1941, Archie was an instant hit, and this collection of 416 pages worth of material from the Golden Age show us why.


Where’s My Teddy?Jez Alborough

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Eddie is in for a big shock when he finds out that his teddy bear is too big for him to cuddle. But the fun begins when he meets up with a real bear whose teddy bear has shrunk too small to cuddle. What comes next is a cute comedy-of-errors and mistaken identity.





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