Warning: major spoilers for upcoming episodes of Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl!

It’s almost that time of year again. The time we look forward to all year, filled with festivities and lights and just the right amount of drama.

No, we’re not talking about the holiday season and those awkward family dinners. Instead, it’s time to celebrate the annual CW superhero crossover, which only seems to expand with each passing year (and with each new show added to the lineup). At this point we’re crossing over four different shows, in a two-night event that promises to be insanely epic. On November 27th and 28th, the crossover event is taking over, with Supergirl and a special episode of Arrow airing on Monday, and The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow on Tuesday. All shows start at 8/7c, and each new episode picks up the central storyline. Oh, and the event is officially called “Crisis on Earth-X.” Check out the extended trailer for more info:

Over the past few months, more and more hints about the event have been creeping in. Now that we’re only a week away, it’s time to get serious. We’re rounding up all the facts and speculations that we know heading into the crossover, including some major spoilers. Read on at your own risk!

Hello Earth-X

Basically, the main conflict of the crossover is that the gang is fighting against alternative versions of themselves from Earth-X, another dimension that’s parallel to ours (think Earth-Two from The Flash, only this is Earth-53, technically). On Earth-X, Nazi Germany won the war, and their world has become a dark and oppressive place. When Earth-X villains show up on our earth, it’s up to our favorite masked superheroes to save the day – and kick those Earth-Xers back to their own dimension (…there may even be some dimension hopping of their own going on!). Expect to see dark versions of the Green Arrow, Supergirl, and more. We’re not particularly excited to see Nazis on our screen these days, especially given our current political climate, but we are jazzed about what an evil Oliver Queen looks like. Thought he’s probably not that different from regular Oliver Queen, to be honest.

OMG Weddings

So why are all the gang gathered together in the first place? For Barry and Iris’s wedding, of course! The two are finally tying the note, with all their favorite superhero friends in attendance. This is The CW though, so we know nothing is going to go as planned. Based on the trailer alone, this wedding is going to be interrupted by some very bad people. But have no fear! According to some fuzzy filming shots, there is a strong possibility that Barry and Iris get married later on in the event – in a much more lowkey, stripped down ceremony. ALSO, they’re not the only ones getting hitched that day it seems. Click on the link if you want to know more, but you have been warned! This is a major squee-worthy spoiler.

Not All Earth-Xers are the Bad Guys

While most of the Earth-X superhero versions are bad guys, they’re not all evil. The gang will be helped by at least two Earth-Xers, including The Ray, played by Russell Tovey, and Citizen Cold, the Earth-X version of Captain Cold, aka Leonard Snart, aka Wentworth Miller. Snart’s character started out as a villain on The Flash, before moving to a series regular on Legends of Tomorrow. He died when sacrificing himself to stop the Time Masters, though he still makes regular appearances in the Arrowverse. The Ray has light-based powers, and is the hero of the upcoming animated CW show, Freedom Fighters: The Ray. The Arrowverse often uses the crossover events to introduce new characters (like with Barry Allen, in Season 2 of Arrow), and we’re excited to see what he brings to his live action debut.

It Could be the End for a Beloved Character

Speaking of Leonard Snart…Miller has made it pretty clear over social media that he’s gearing up to leave the Arrowverse for good, saying that “I’ve had a tremendous time playing this character.” He also announced that he’s been filming his last few episodes recently, leading some to speculate that this crossover could mean the death of Captain Cold (and all his alternate versions) for good. We’ll be crazy sad to see him go, not just because of all his flawless one-liners and endless chemistry with Caity Lotz, or Sara Lance.

Knowing the Arrowverse, these spoilers only scratch the surface, and that there will be plenty of other twists in the crossover event. We’re not sure how we’re going to wait another week to find out, but in the meantime we’ll be scouring the dark reaches of the Internet for any more info we can gleam.

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What do you think will happen in this year’s epic “Crisis on Earth-X” crossover event? Let us know in the comments!

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