Writer’s Bone Podcast: ‘Hollywood Homicide’ Author Kellye Garrett Speaks at Books on the Square

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BookTrib.com recently added Writer’s Bone to our weekly features. Daniel Ford and Sean Tuohy have been bringing us weekly podcasts of discussions they have with writers about the craft of writing and what motivates them to tell a good story.  This week they chat with Kellye Garrett, author of Hollywod Homicide.

Hollywood Homicide Kellye GarrettMystery author Kellye Garrett sat with the Writer’s Bone to talk about her newest novel, Hollywood Homicide at Books on the Square in Providence, R.I. Attendees sipped wine from bin 312 and enjoyed the most delicious cupcakes from Sin Desserts during the show. Actress Mia Ellis read the first chapter from Hollywood Homicide and, afterwards, Daniel Ford and Sean Tuohy asked Garrett about her origins as a storyteller and what inspired her to develop her character, Dayna Anderson.

Kelley Garrett spent 8 years working in Hollywood and now writes the Detective by Day mysteries. Her newest novel was a Library Journal of the Month and was also deemed a ‘winning first novel’ and series launch in Publishers Weekly’s starred review. If you want to know more about Garrett, you can visit her official website.


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After meeting at a Halloween Party in 2013, Sean Tuohy met Daniel Ford put their heads together and came up with a podcast they would use to discuss books and some of their other favorite things. They initially called the podcast “2 Gentleman Writers,” then “Hemingway’s Love Children.” They eventually settled on Writer’s Bone. Daniel and Sean are in the middle of something very big and wonderful. Through Writer’s Bone, they feature author interviews, present works of fiction, and Boneyard discussions along the way.

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