Emily Carpenter’s ‘The Weight of Lies’ Brings us on a Thrilling Adventure

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How well do you really know someone? Do you know their life, their sorrows… their secrets? After reading Emily Carpenter’s newest novel, The Weight of Lies, you may ask yourself that question!

The Weight of Lies Emily CarpenterMeg Ashley, daughter of Frances Ashley, the cult classic horror novelist, is fed up with the neglect and lack of interest her mother has had in her for so many years. For revenge, she agrees to write a tell-all book that details the truth about her mother, the famous author. She also writes about her troubled childhood as she prepares to rid her life completely of her self-centered mother. While conducting research and digging into the past, Meg begins to uncover some information that has to do with a murder her mother had written about in her best-seller, ‘Kitten’, several decades ago. The fictional novel was based on a real murder and actual people, and the cult followers had their theories about who committed the crime in real life.

Arriving on Bonny Island, where the murder took place, Meg meets some of the people who appeared as characters in her mother’s book, and while digging deeper she begins to uncover information that leads her to believe she had been told some lies about her younger years. As Meg is trying to understand crucial details about her own past she is also learning particulars about the murder. Everybody is telling lies and Meg is unsure of who to trust, if anyone. When she received warnings to back off, she knew she was getting close to solving the murder mystery and learning the truth about her past – at the cost of putting herself in danger’s way!

The Weight of Lies keeps you on the edge of your seat, guessing every step of the way!


EMILY CARPENTER, a former actor, producer, screenwriter, and behind-the-scenes soap opera assistant, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Auburn University. Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, she now lives in Georgia with her family. Burying the Honeysuckle Girls was her first novel was published in 2016. The Weight of Lies is her second novel.  You can visit Emily online at emilycarpenterauthor.com.

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