There is nothing wrong with a quick departure from reality with a good suspense novel at your heels. As you become wholeheartedly absorbed in the suspense of The Good Widow, you will find that reality isn’t what it seems.

Jacks answers her front door to find two police officers telling her the shocking news that her husband is dead. She knew he was on a business trip in Kansas… or was he? The plot thickens when they tell her he was in an accident in Maui, Hawaii. With another woman.  And so it begins… the unravelling of the truth behind their rocky marriage, the mother in law, fertility issues and unmet expectations. Then there’s a visit from Nick, the fiancé of the woman Jacks’ husband had been traveling with.

The Good Widow Liz Fenton Lisa SteinkeNick, equally distraught due to the loss of his wife to be, wants to take a trip to Maui with Jacks to retrace the couple’s steps and learn the truth. And so they go. They discover unexpected details about their dead partners’ secret vacation, and as the two grieving travelers spend time together things between them get complicated. Will they be able to gain closure, forgive their loved ones and move on with their lives? What really happened in Hawaii? Are they truly who they say they are?

Fenton and Steinke do a great job building suspense, with more questions developing as each new detail rises to the surface. The flawed, yet likable characters kept me engaged and I thought I had it all figured out a few times before I finally saw the light. This was truly an enjoyable and quick read while basking in the summer sun!


Liz and Lisa, both bestselling authors, have been friends for over 30 years. They were born six months apart and became the best of friends in the 80s. Together, they have published three women’s fiction novels with Simon & Schuster/Atria Books and hope to plan more for the future.


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