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Randy Susan Meyers Writes the Woman Behind the Criminal in ‘The Widow of Wall Street’

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Inspired by the 2008 Bernie Madoff scandal, author Randy Susan Meyers takes us on an emotional journey inside a fictional Wall Street investment firm to witness how a Ponzi scheme could actually play out and the destruction of lives it could leave in its wake. The Widow of Wall Street begins when Phoebe is visiting her incarcerated husband, Jake, in jail.

Randy Susan Meyers widow of wall streetWe then start at the beginning, when the couple meets as teenagers, and follow their relationship as they get married, raise children and grow a successful business and a nonprofit. Phoebe is a hardworking mother of two and a trusting wife of her high school sweetheart. Jake dreamed of financial success and dedicated himself to have the means to provide the conveniences and luxuries wealth brings. Throughout his career he was focused, put in long hours and provided well for Phoebe, their children, and others close to him. When he was charged with fraud upon the discovery of the Ponzi scheme he developed, Phoebe’s life was in shambles. So many trusting friends and colleagues lost their fortunes, businesses lost funding and families lost their nest eggs. Did Phoebe know what her husband was doing all those years?

I thoroughly enjoyed The Widow Of Wall Street. With her thoughtful, well-developed characters, Randy Susan Meyers recreated the tragedy of the real life scandal from the perspective of the woman behind the criminal.

I felt Phoebe’s devastation as her life crumbled; the happiness she embodied was built on lies and Jake’s crime caused her to lose her husband, her money, family, friends, home, and her identity, essentially her entire life as it once was. She trusted him, hoped he was doing the right thing, and had been content in her life enough to choose not to inquire about things she wasn’t sure she really wanted to know about…finances and other women.

This is a cautionary tale as well as a story of love, trust, success, failure, betrayal and destruction. For some, the need for success becomes a compulsion and morality can fall by the wayside. Relationships, emotions and commitment can cloud logic and truth and unfortunately the ripple effect is devastating. With suspenseful storytelling and insight into the illusion of what seemed like a storybook marriage, Randy Susan Meyers definitely delivered; I highly recommend this book!

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Randy Susan MeyersThe drama of Randy Susan Meyers’ novels is informed by her years spent bartending, her 10 years working with violent offenders, and too many years enamored with bad boys. Two of her three novels (The Murderer’s Daughters and Accidents of Marriage) were finalists for the Mass Book Awards (2010 & 2015) and included as a “Must Read Book” by the Massachusetts Council of the Book. Her newest novel, The Widow of Wall Street released in April 2017.

Raised in Brooklyn New York, Randy now in Boston with her husband and is the mother of two grown daughters. She teaches writing seminars at Boston’s Grub Street Writers’ Center.

Jennifer Gans Blankfein is a freelance marketing consultant and book reviewer. She graduated from Lehigh University with a Psychology degree and has a background in advertising. Her experience includes event coordination and fundraising along with editing a weekly, local, small business newsletter. Jennifer loves to talk about books, is an avid reader, and currently writes a book blog, Book Nation by Jen. She lives in Connecticut with her husband, two sons and black lab.

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