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Widow of Wall Street

Randy Susan Meyers Writes the Woman Behind the Criminal in ‘The Widow of Wall Street’

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widow of wall street review

Inspired by the 2008 Bernie Madoff scandal, author Randy Susan Meyers takes us on an emotional journey inside a fictional Wall Street investment firm to witness how a Ponzi scheme could actually¬†play out and the destruction of lives it could leave in its wake. The Widow of Wall Street begins when Phoebe is visiting her incarcerated husband, Jake, in jail. We then start at the beginning, when the couple meets as teenagers, and follow their relationship as they get married, raise children and grow a successful business and a nonprofit. Phoebe is a hardworking mother of two and a trusting wife of her high school sweetheart. Jake dreamed of financial success and dedicated himself to have the means to provide¬†the…

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