It’s all about secrets and suspicion in My Cousin Rachel, a new movie out June 9 with Fox My Cousin RachelSearchlight Pictures. Based on the 1951 novel by Daphne du Maurier, the story is a psychological thriller where we’re never quite sure what exactly is going on. But at the heart of the mystery is one compelling question: is Rachel actually evil? Our only suggestion is pick up the book and dive into the story, before you hit the theater!

My Cousin Rachel stars (the very dreamy!) Sam Claflin as Philip, a young man who’s extremely close to the cousin who helped raise him. But while away for his health, that cousin mysteriously dies after marrying a woman named Rachel, played by Rachel Weisz. Armed with the suspicious letters his cousin sent that question Rachel’s intentions, Philip becomes determined to get his revenge. But things aren’t always what they seem, and he soon finds himself caught up in Rachel’s charms. Or is it her web of lies?

Suspenseful and compelling, this is a classic story that we can’t wait to see play out on the big screen. Rachel’s character is definitely at the heart of the novel, as you’re constantly left wondering what her intentions are. And she’s not the only one with secrets – it turns out there are plenty of novels out there that center on women who might be hiding something (whether from the world or simply from themselves). But no matter what those secrets are, digging for the truth is half the fun.

As big fans of My Cousin Rachel, here are four books about women with dark secrets that we just can’t put down.

The Good Daughter, Karin Slaughter (William Morrow, August 22, 2017)

karin slaughter my cousin rachelSecrets won’t stay buried for long, as Charlie Quinn has to face in this new thriller by bestselling author Slaughter. Years ago, Charlie and her family suffered the worst kind of attack when their home was invaded and their mother was killed. But there are secrets from that night that all of them have tried to forget, shaping the people they’ve become later in life. When another horrifying attack rocks their small town, Quinn (now a successful lawyer) is forced to face memories that she’s been running from all her life. As she finds herself in the middle of the new tragedy, she quickly realizes that some secrets refuse to go away for good.

Charlatans, Robin Cook (G.P. Putnam’s Sons, August 22, 2017)

charlatans my cousin rachelWhen patients start dying from anesthesia-related incidents at Boston Memorial Hospital, it’s up to chief resident Noah Rothauser to try and figure out why. But after questioning his residents – and Dr. William Mason, a famous (and pompous) surgeon – all signs seem to point to anesthesiologist Dr. Ava London. The more he digs, the more Noah discovers about Ava’s secret life, including the multiple identities she acts out online. But is that enough to convict her of the crime? You won’t know who to suspect in this fast-paced, mysterious read. But you can rest assured that there are plenty of secrets to uncover as Noah works to find a killer in his own hospital.

Two Nights, Kathy Reichs (Bantam, July 11, 2017)

two night - my cousin rachelReichs is the author of the Temperance Brennan series, which was made into the long-running TV show Bones. So you can trust that Two Nights will be full of forensic mysteries and secrets that won’t stay hidden for long. Sunday Night has a dark past that she’s worked hard to run away from, emotionally shutting herself out from the rest of the world. But those secrets all threaten to come forward when a girl disappears during an unexpected explosion. While Sunnie searches for the truth, she’s also finally forced to confront the secrets of her past that she’s been trying to bury for years.

The Alice Network, Kate Quinn (William Morrow Paperbacks, June 6, 2017)

the alice network - my cousin rachelSet in both 1915 and 1947, The Alice Network is based on the real life intelligence network run by Louise de Bettignies, considered the “queen of spies” for her work during World War I. Quinn’s novel is a fictionalized version of the tale, telling the story of Eve Gardiner, who in WWI joins the Alice Network in order to fight against the Germans. And then there’s Charlie St. Clair in 1947, who’s searching for her missing cousin Rose. When the pregnant Charlie shows up on Eve’s doorstep, years after the Alice Network has fallen apart, it sends both the women on a mission that they weren’t expecting. Secrets, spies, and the dangers of war all collide in this true-to-life story.

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