Get ready to meet the International Thriller Writers ThrillerFest XII debut authors! Thriller writers are a unique breed, known for their cutthroat writing style and their uncanny ability to leave readers hanging on every word. With ThrillerFest 2017 rounding the corner, we asked these authors three questions that our editors at BookTrib think are just as thought-provoking as their novels.

Scroll down to meet today’s featured debut ThrillerFest author, William Schiele, and his new release, Tears of the Assassin. Read on to see how he answered our quirky questions.

BookTrib: If you were on death row, what would be your last read? And why? 

William Schiele: I perceive death row as lasting a very long time. With the appeals taking several years, I believe I would want to read a series. As a thriller fan, I would request the 16 Vince Flynn novels featuring the protagonist, Mitch Rapp. I have already read four of Vince’s tales but have not done so in order. As an author, I would like to read them in order to experience Vince’s journey as a writer. I would love to see, and feel the growth of the protagonist as well as the refinement of the story telling as the novels progress. Sitting in my cell waiting for my final day, I hope I would have enough time to read them all and perhaps be inspired to escape.

BT: If you were going to kill off your protagonist what method would you use?  And why?

WS: One day I will kill my protagonist, but at this point he has too much more to do. When he dies I think he will drown. Drowning is a very dramatic way of dying. Whether accidental or forced, the moment is protracted as the interim of sufficient respiration shortens. There is hope for resurrection above the water and one last breath of vital air. But hope will be painfully and terrifyingly dashed, as the end of life occurs when the body betrays itself, expelling carbon dioxide in exchange for a flooded windpipe and lungs. The moment is both horribly anticipated and as sudden as a gasp. I foresee my protagonist experiencing a death readers will feel and recall whenever they get ready to jump in the lake, ocean or pool.

BT: What is the all-time best thriller you have ever read? And why?

WS: My all-time best thriller is the Gray Man by Mark Greaney. I read this book when it came out in 2009 and it is one of a very few books I have gone back and read again. The protagonist, Courtland Gentry, is a burned CIA agent, living on the run while being pursued by people he used to trust. He relies on wits and guile and is capable of living off the grid in the most trying of circumstances. He does not seek to kill, but when pressed he does so with brutal efficiency. The set-up is classic and the writing is taut and very well paced. The plot is intriguing with a cast of additional characters that round out the story and provide the reflective components that fill in the story points Courtland Gentry will never divulge. Mark Greaney has written several more Gray Man novels and the continued installments are also among my favorites. When people ask me who I would recommend for them to read if they want to get into thrillers, I’m confident when I suggest the Gray Man that they will be introduced to the genre with an exciting and captivating story.

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TEARS OF THE ASSASSIN William Schiele ThrillerfestTears of the Assassin explores the consequences of killing for profit. The protagonist, David Diegert, is a desperate young man thrust into a clandestine world where he is forced to carry out lethal contracts for Klaus Panzer, a stupendously wealthy power monger. Diegert represents the struggles of people shut out of the American dream by growing economic inequality. Panzer is the force of that inequality and is willing to use any means necessary to expand his empire. Diegert becomes a reluctant pawn for this treacherous King of the modern economy, but even a pawn can stand up to a tyrant.


William Schiele ThrillerfestWilliam Schiele teaches Human Anatomy & Physiology at an Upstate New York University. He is married and has three grown children. Adventure, peace and solitude are found in the outdoors where he hikes, bikes and paddles.