Watch our author video interview, “15 minutes with… Adele Paula Royce,” now! Here, we discuss her debut novel, The Little Black Book of Suicide Notes, what inspired her to write this thought-provoking novel and what other releases she has in store for 2017! You don’t want to miss this interview brought to you by, a Meryl Moss Media production.

the little black book of suicide notes adele paula royceSuicide should never be taken lightly. According to the latest research, it is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States and has caused immeasurable pain and suffering to families around the world. But what about those who have contemplated suicide and lived to talk about it? What can we learn from those who have looked so directly into the face of death that they discovered something about life?

In her debut novel, Adele Paula Royce presents a semi-fictional look inside the mind and heart of a tortured soul who is on the verge of ending her own life. Through this raw and authentic journey into the heart of darkness, Adele shines a unique light on the human experience that leaves you more inspired to live life to the fullest.



Adele Paula RoyceWith an Artistic educational background spanning from the famed School of Visual Arts in NYC and a degree in Fine Arts and English Literature from the City University system, Adele Paula Royce paved her way onto the Corporate America scene. She envisioned corporations artistically as a blank canvas, and utilized a Jackson Pollock technique of colorful truth to secure those business relationships. Instead of talking about products and services, she taught them about Thoreau, quoted Biblical scripture, and shared stories of inspiring fascination that kept the executives coming back for more…invariably the business followed. Adele took a 2-year break from Corporate America to manage the career of a singer/songwriter, and via the same technique paved her way onto the music scene and into the boardrooms of some of the music industry’s famed elite. She has always been a seeker of truth, and more than a decade ago began studies under the tutelage of a Master teacher of Western Spirituality. She has been a student of Kabbalistic Practice ever since. Adele currently resides in NYC.