No Cleavage Required: Last-Minute Costume Ideas You Need This Halloween

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We’re huge fans of Suzanne Scoggins and her feminist Halloween website, Take Back Halloween. In a world of rapidly shrinking female-costumes, with names like “Sexy French Fries,” we welcome a website where the focus is on creating smart, historical, fully clothed costumes for women. Take Back Halloween’s mission is to put “creativity and variety back into Halloween” — and we couldn’t be more on board.

Suzanne teamed up with BookTrib this year to give you a few tips on some last-minute, kickass costumes. So if you’re a procrastinator like us, here are five easy outfit options brought to you by Take Back Halloween:

Last-minute Demeter


What you need: A bed sheet (any color), some leaves, and a basket of pretty produce from the grocery store.

Last-minute Vestal Virgin


What you need: Two or three white bed sheets, a shorter piece of white material for a veil (pashmina, short curtain panel, cut-up pillow case) and red ribbon or cord to tie around your hair.

Last-minute Mary Read (the pirate!)



What you need: Pants cut off at the knee, knee socks, a man’s shirt, a leather belt, a knit cap, and a scarf to wrap around you as a sash. Vest or jacket optional.

Last-minute Dorothy Dandridge


What you need: A red skirt and a black top you can pull off the shoulders a little bit. Original costume here.

Last-minute Rosalind Franklin

What you need: A dress or skirt-and-blouse, a lab coat, and Photo 51, which you can print right off the original costume page here.

If your final costume really rocks, Take Back Halloween has an annual costume contest. And be sure to take a look at past winners for inspiration.

Recommended reading:

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