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No Cleavage Required: Last-Minute Costume Ideas You Need This Halloween

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We’re huge fans of Suzanne Scoggins and her feminist Halloween website, Take Back Halloween. In a world of rapidly shrinking female-costumes, with names like “Sexy French Fries,” we welcome a website where the focus is on creating smart, historical, fully clothed costumes for women. Take Back Halloween’s mission is to put “creativity and variety back into Halloween” — and we couldn’t be more on board. Suzanne teamed up with BookTrib this year to give you a few tips on some last-minute, kickass costumes. So if you’re a procrastinator like us, here are five easy outfit options brought to you by Take Back Halloween: Last-minute Demeter What you need: A bed sheet (any color), some leaves, and a basket of pretty produce…

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Forget mini-skirts and cleavage; it’s time for women to Take Back Halloween

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Every year, it seems that female Halloween costumes get smaller and smaller. From a tiny Mickey Mouse to a skintight pizza, it’s almost impossible to find a female costume that hasn’t been sexed-up to the point of ridiculousness. (Seriously, who in their right mind would want to be a “sexy” lobster?) Thank god for Suzanne Scoggins, the creator of the popular website, Take Back Halloween. She has made it her mission to show women that there are options beyond dressing as a skimpy crustacean. From women of historical importance to goddesses and pop culture icons, Suzanne creates costumes that are beautiful, unique, and – most importantly – empower the women who wear them. We had the pleasure of chatting with…

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