Hey, you asked for it.

Responding to the many fans who wanted to hear the 50 Shades of Grey story from Christian Grey’s perspective, author E L James has delivered the titillating goods.

The new book, simply titled Grey, will indeed revolve around Christian’s view and unsurprisingly, it’s scheduled to arrive on June 18. Yes, fans will remember that June 18 is Christian’s birthday in 50 Shades. As James writes:

Grey, the follow-up to 50 Shades of Grey

Grey, the follow-up to 50 Shades of Grey

“This book is dedicated to those readers who asked…and asked… and asked… and asked for this.” 

James adds that “Christian is a complex character” and reminds everyone that when it comes to relationships, there are two sides to every story. Christian’s world is neat and disciplined but also devoid of any real feeling; that is, until Anastasia Steele saunters into his life. It’s a roller-coaster from there and everyone wants to take another ride, obviously.

I’m sorry, I just have to wonder if the 50 Shades craze is over. Or if not over, at least it has died down, right? It was a phenomenon that swept the world but in retrospect, a lot of people are saying they’re pretty much done with the idea. This isn’t even a new story; it’s the same story told from a different perspective, and I question the response.

I’ve spoken to several people who have read 50 Shades of Grey and when I ask them if they’ll read Grey, the answer has been the same: “Nope.” For some, it’s a “fool me once” sort of thing but for most, they’ve had their fill of James’ dark erotic world and they aren’t champing at the bit to return.

I think the big question is this: Is this the kind of story that will hit as hard the second time around? Has the concept already worn thin or is this fad going to continue?  Does 50 Shades have staying power? Well, people kept buying the books before Grey, so maybe it does have the necessary longstanding appeal.

I have no doubt the new book will sell exceedingly well. But it may also show signs of 50 Shades tedium and I’m not so sure that would be a bad thing. On a positive note, perhaps it will encourage the author to try something entirely new, which is always a risk from a commercial standpoint, but perhaps a necessary risk from an artistic standpoint. What do you think, James?

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