In my Halloween opinion, men tend to fall into one of two categories—either they’ve been planning their costume for months and it involves elaborate structures and pyrotechnics, or they’ll slap together a makeshift costume right before you leave the house. If your guy is one of the latter, then don’t worry! Here are five last-minute literary costumes for the last-minute man in your life:

Huckleberry Finn

Halloween - Huckleberry Finn

Help your fellow get his vagabond on in this simple river-traveling outfit, complete with fishing pole and straw hat. Anyone will have the basics in their closet, though you might need to splurge on some suspenders and rope to make a belt.

Holden Caulfield

Halloween - Holden

This is the perfect costume for a cold Halloween night—just wrap up in a warm red hat, a plaid scarf, and a tailored jacket. The vintage suitcase might be the hardest item to find, but just go raid your grandmother’s closet and you’re in business.

Edward Cullen

Halloween - Edward

Toss some glitter on his skin, throw him into a pea-coat, pomade that hair, and you’ve got a perfect Edward Cullen. This costume will probably be a hard sell, but just promise that you won’t make him watch Twilight ever again if he agrees.

Sherlock Holmes

Halloween - Sherlock

If you’re dating a dapper guy, he might already have a deerstalker hat, a bowtie, and a pipe. The rest of us will just have to scour some thrift stores. But still, this costume is a great way to stay warm, easy to put together, and it makes us think of Benedict Cumberbatch, which is always a good thing.

Hunter S. Thompson

Halloween - Hunter S. Thompson

Finally—an excuse for him to wear that Hawaiian shirt his uncle bought him five years ago for no reason. Add a cheap fly swatter, some aviators and a white bucket hat and he’s the perfect drug-crazed author.