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Review: French Cooking Finds a Tasty New Groove in Bistronomy

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The next time you order a haricot verts salad with carefully selected seasonal produce or a fresh plate of creamy burrata from a small plates menu, just remember where it all started: Paris, France, 1992. In Bistronomy: Recipes from the Best New Paris Bistros (Rizzoli; September 22, 2015) author and highly regarded authority on French cuisine Jane Sigal brings us back to the beginning and traces the evolution of the Paris “neo-bistros” or Bistronomies, (bistro + gastronomies) providing wonderful recipes, anecdotes and photographs from the best kitchens in Paris. Yves Camdeborde (aka the father of bistronomy) wanted to create a restaurant where patrons could relax and enjoy life. Tired of the overly pretentious and stuffy French restaurants found in the…

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