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The Inspiration Behind Brae’s “Eight Goodbyes”

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Eight Goodbyes by Christine Brae is one of the featured titles in BookTrib’s initial “Book Club Booster Program,” in which the book will be included as part of a gift package sent this month to 50 U.S. chapters of The Girly Book Club. My stories have always been spurred by actual events. Eight Goodbyes is no different.   The idea came to me after a chance encounter on a flight to New York two years ago. Since it started on an airplane, I decided to immortalize that one event and build a story around it. As with all my other books, this story incorporates many personal experiences. It highlights the wanderlust that is a huge part of my life, the…

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From Shore to Fiction: “Beneath the Lighthouse”

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Julieanne Lynch is the author of Beneath the Lighthouse, an eerie story on ghosts and family tragedy. Today we have the pleasure of learning about her creative process and the inspiration behind her chilling story. But first, here is a taste of her story: Sixteen-year-old Jamie McGuiness’s sister is dead. Sinking into a deep depression, he frequents the lighthouse where her body was discovered, unaware of the sinister forces surrounding him. When an angry spirit latches onto Jamie, he’s led down a dark and twisted path, one that uncovers old family secrets, destroying everything Jamie ever believed in. Caught between the world of the living and the vengeful dead, Jamie fights the pull of the other side. It’s up to Jamie to…

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Author Devorah Fox Reveals How Former President Bill Clinton Inspired Novel ‘Detour’

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Editor and author Devorah Fox has released her first novel in the Big Rig thriller series, Detour, and she’s telling us all about her inspiration behind the story and how exactly former President Bill Clinton is involved! Read on for more: Authors often get asked, “Where do you get your ideas?” My answer is “Anywhere. Everywhere. All the time,” and the making of my novel, Detour, is a prime example. Here’s the plot of this thriller: It’s February, 1993, and trucker Archie “Super Man” Harlanson is traveling to New York’s Hudson Valley with misgivings. He’s eager to see his girlfriend Debbie, but her elitist parents? Not so much. When he ends up at the family home, he figures the hardest part will…

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